5 Rules for Effective Resume Writing

Tips for an effective resumeCreating an effective resume is the first essential step to achieving success with your job search. Sadly enough, around 80% – 90% of all job resumes are poorly written or not well-targeted. Considering the large number of resumes that land in the garbage bin, you can be sure that the odds are really good. If you are ready to make some good effort and devote the time that writing an effective resume requires, your chances of landing an interview will be very high.

Though you might have read a lot on how to write a resume that wins over the hiring manager or the employer, there are a few rules of the thumb that you can abide by to get immediate results with your efforts.

Let’s have a look at five of these rules for writing a good resume:

#1. Focus on the Objective

Why do you write a resume? Well, most of the job applicants will say that they write resumes for landing jobs. Think again. You are writing the resume not to land a job in the first place. The objective of making the resume is to land an interview as quickly as possible.

When landing an interview is on your mind, you’ll not deviate from writing a resume that really proves to be effective.

#2. Stick to One Page

Resume writing is smart writing, where you need to impress the hiring manager using the minimum number of words. Employers usually don’t bother to look at those resumes that look excessively long and boring. Therefore, one of the most important resume writing rules is sticking to one page.

#3. Talk about Professional Achievements

Remember that achievements matter more than responsibilities. You might have handled a good number of responsibilities in your last job, but what the employer is actually looking for is what you actually achieved.

It’s your achievements that will convince the hiring manager or the employer about whether you are a right fit for their company.

While listing your professional achievements on the resume, always make sure you provide a quantitative overview rather than a qualitative overview. Statistics will reveal your true worth as an employee.

#4. Say ‘No’ to a Standard Resume

This is one of the most common mistakes that a lot of job applicants make, even in today’s highly competitive era. Stop using a standard resume right away, if you are already doing it.

For each particular job that you want to apply for, you should create a well-targeted resume. Definitely, it takes time, research and effort. But highly targeted resumes can land you interviews within minutes.

#5. Ask for a Review

You may think you are a good resume writer. Even if you think you are, it’s always advisable to get your resume reviewed from anybody you think is qualified enough to do the job. Whether it’s the language, the information included, the language used or the overall appearance, asking for somebody else’s opinion or advice can prove to be an eye-opener.

Do you apply these rules while writing a job resume? Feel free to share your opinions or leave comments.

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Alex Strike has started his writing career in 2010. Now he is a passionate blog writer and essay specialist who has been writing his first e-book.. Alex is a big fan of reading, and he works as a writing coach at the moment.

  1. Kusum

    Great tips Alex, also I would like to add here is that no one should include any fake or irrelevant information in their resumes that can put them in trouble.

  2. Logesh

    A resume is a marketing tool for us, so it should be clear and detailed. Remember a unique resume takes you to interview or for your dream job without any competition.


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