Use Your Time Wisely With These High-Paying Hourly Jobs

high paying hourly jobsHourly jobs are an excellent option for many people.  Many of these jobs allow employees more flexibility with their schedule, don’t require employees to work off the clock, and even offer respectable benefits.  Some of these jobs also allow the option for overtime and pay extra on holidays, which give many hourly workers extra motivation.  Finally, there are many hourly jobs that require minimal education and experience, and offer on the job training.  To help you make the most of these perks, here are some of the highest paying hourly jobs, taken from data reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

1)  Administrative Assistant/Secretary

These positions are needed in all types of industries, including finance, healthcare and law.  Job duties vary, but most administrative assistant jobs require clerical work, interacting with customers, typing, scheduling and other general office tasks.  Furthermore, taking an hourly job as an administrative assistant can be a great way to get your foot in the door in the business world.  Secretaries that work for executives in high-paying industries can make up to $25 or $30 an hour.  The average hourly pay for administrative assistants is $18.63.

Administrative Assistant jobs in New York, NY

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2)  Dental Assistant

If you are looking to work and gain experience in a healthcare setting but don’t have years of schooling under your belt, working as a dental assistant may be a great option for you.  Depending on the state you live in, there may be a certification program required, but many dental assistants are simply trained on the job.  Also, this hourly job is likely to offer a flexible schedule, since many dental assistants can work part-time, nights or weekends.  The average hourly pay for dental assistants is $17.43.

Dental Assistant jobs in New York, NY

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3)  Customer Service Representative

Customer service is a necessity in most industries, to handle customer questions, complaints, fill orders, accommodate special requests, etc.  This job has become a much more attractive option in recent years since technology allows many customer service representatives to work from home or in conveniently located call centers.  Also, it is a good hourly job for people looking for a flexible schedule, since customers are in need of assistance at any time of the day or day of the week.  The average hourly pay for customer service representatives is $16.29.

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4)  Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers are responsible for transporting goods from distribution centers to the customer in a timely and safe fashion.  This job is ever-growing with the increase in online spending in the world today.  Most of these hourly jobs only require a driver’s license, and will train you on the job.  Also, it helps to have good customer service skills since many delivery drivers answer customers’ questions and recommend products and services.  The average hourly pay for delivery drivers is $16.28.

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5)  Phelbotomist

If you want to get your foot in the door in the medical field, taking a job as a phlebotomist can give you great exposure as well as generous hourly pay.  Phlebotomists gather blood samples from patients and work in doctor’s offices, hospitals or laboratories.  Most phlebotomist positions require a high school diploma or G.E.D. and in some cases a state license or certification.  The average hourly pay for a phlebotomist is $15.33.

Phlebotomist jobs in New York, NY

Phlebotomist jobs in Seattle, WA

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