Employment in a Click: Independent Contractors on the Rise

Thanks to the rise in the use of technology and smartphones, the world is seeing a shift towards an “on-demand” economy, where consumers can obtain virtually any product or service they desire instantly with the simple click of a button.  The trend has really gained momentum with the rising popularity of Uber, a car service app that operates in 53 countries.  The business matches up people that need rides with an independent contractor driver that is nearby and available.  The company has approximately 162,000 independent contractors at their service in the United States alone, according to the Washington Post.    Our infographic below shows some interesting statistics about the “on-demand” economy:

independent contractors

Now, more and more startup companies similar to Uber are being created, offering everything from home care to food delivery to gift wrapping and beyond.  Many information technology workers, such as computer programmers and software developers, are also contract workers.  This trend has plenty of advantages for not only the consumers using these services, but also the independent contractors themselves and the employers that hire them.

Below are some of the reasons independent contractors prefer temporary work as opposed to being a full-time employee:

  • More variety in the nature of work they perform.
  • More flexibility in their schedule.
  • Being able to find work no matter where they are located, allowing for more travel.
  • Higher pay in many situations.
  • Not having to deal with office politics since they aren’t a fixture at any one company.

The hiring of independent contractors is an attractive option for many employers for many reasons, including the following:

  • Less commitment involved than would be required for hiring full-time employees.
  • Saving the expense of benefits such as health insurance and retirement options that would normally be offered to a full-time employee.
  • Many independent contractors work remotely, so the employer doesn’t need to provide office space.
  • Employers can hire for work as it is needed, and don’t have to deal with the complications of terminating employees when business slows down.

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