5 of the Best Paid Truck Driving Jobs

best paying truck driving jobsTruck driving is a demanding, yet very well paid, career.  But it is a big industry and the more specialized you are in truck driving, the higher the pay.  To become a truck driver you need a high school diploma, along with certifications that vary depending on the type of job.   You also must meet certain physical requirements and pass criminal background checks.  There is a wide range of jobs in this industry, and here are some of the best paying truck driving jobs.

1)  Over the Road Truck Driver

As an over the road truck driver, you deliver products to all over the country and must stick to a stringent delivery schedule.  Because of the long hours, travel and the numerous laws they are required to follow, over the road truck drivers are among the best paid.  The average annual salary for an over the road truck driver is $50,000, with some of the highest paid making $100,000 per year.

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2)  Ice Road Truck Driver

This specialty requires the most skill, since the elements you are driving in are the most dangerous and you are more likely to encounter issues with your vehicle.  Ice road truck drivers are some of the best paid in the industry because they must be prepared all kinds of extreme circumstances without any help.   Much of the driving involved in an ice road trucking job takes place near the Arctic Circle, and these drivers must be equipped to handle conditions such as extreme cold, dangerous storms and whiteouts.   Ice road truckers can earn anywhere from $25,000 to $120,000 annually, and they only have to work a few months out of the year.

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3)  War Zone Truck Driver

Due to increasing demand overseas, the military has begun to outsource many of its truck driving jobs to independent truck drivers.  War zone truck drivers’ duties include moving materials and equipment to and from work locations, delivering supplies to different warehouses, and loading and unloading vehicles.  The starting salary for most war zone truck drivers is $100,000 annually, due to the high level of risk involved in the job.  Later on in their career, some war zone truck drivers bring in a salary as high as $250,000 annually, making this one of the best paying jobs in the truck driving industry.

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4)  Dump Truck Driver in the Mining Industry

Jobs in the mining industry in Australia are in high demand thanks to the high pay it offers to workers.  One of the most popular jobs in this industry is driving a dump truck, which pays an average annual salary of $100,000.  The dump trucks used in the industry can weigh up to 340 tons, and this is one of the least physically demanding jobs in the mining industry.

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5)  Hazardous Waste Truck Driver

Due to the toxicity of some of the substances they are transporting, these specialty truck drivers must be very well-trained on the safety rules and regulations.  Hazardous waste truck drivers must take various measures to prevent leaks and spills of hazardous waste, and if there is to be a spill, the truck driver is responsible for following procedures to ensure the safety of people nearby.  The average annual salary for a hazardous waste truck driver is approximately, $47,000.

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