Seven Qualities of a Good Salesperson

qualities of a good salespersonA career in sales is a great option for many reasons.  First, the educational background requirements are less specific and extensive than some other careers, since the most that is required is a bachelor’s degree.  Second, the financial opportunities aren’t as limited as other jobs, since most sales jobs are commission-based and the money you make is based on how well you perform.  Third, many salespeople get the chance to meet different people and travel to different places.  But this career path is not for just anyone.   The only happy and successful salespeople are the ones that are skilled at it (meaning they make enough sales to bring home a satisfying paycheck), and enjoy it.  Below are seven qualities you must have if you want to be a good salesperson:

1)      You are persuasive

Often times, half the battle of making a sale is the manner in which you present the product or service you want people to buy.  If you tend to hook people in, eliminate doubt and gain their interest pretty easily, there is a good chance you could bring this quality to prospective clients in a sales job as well.

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2)      To you, everything is a numbers game

When making cold call after cold call, it is important to keep in mind that while most of the people you call will not end up buying, the number of calls you are making determines the chances of contacting that person that will result in a sale.  This applies in other areas of life as well such as dating, sports and job hunting, so if you tend to carry this mentality with you in life, it will definitely help you as a salesperson.

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3)      You have a thick skin

While success in sales can be very sweet, you will face a lot of rejection as well, so the ability to handle that without getting overly discouraged is paramount.  In order to find the people that are interested in the product or service you are selling, you must first weed through some people that aren’t.

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4)      You are confident

If you don’t believe in yourself and the product or service you are selling, neither will the person you are trying to sell to.  Appearing self-assured is a key factor in making prospective clients feel comfortable, and one of the most important qualities of a good salesperson.

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5)      You are competitive

In order to achieve success in your sales career, you will have to be aggressive at times, and not cave easily to competition.  Most of your prospective clients will be looking at numerous options, and you must have the determination to prove why your product or service is the best one for them.

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6)      You are passionate

If your face lights up whenever you talk about something that you have a lot of knowledge of or interest in, you can use that passion in the same way to deliver what you are selling, which will attract potential buyers.

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7)      You are not only a good talker, but a good listener as well

A gift for gab is a definite must for a successful salesperson, but if you only talk and never listen, many prospective clients will feel overwhelmed and stressed.  It is also important that you have the ability to make people feel that you have an interest in what they have to say.

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