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Job Title

Operating Room Registered Nurse

Company : Gables Search Group

Location : Bethesda, MD

Created : 2021-12-18

Job Type : Full Time

Job Description

A busy Surgery practice seeks an experienced Operating Room Nurse. Excellent pay and benefits. Great hours, 3 12 hour shifts, Monday through Thursday. POSITION: Operating Room Staff Nurse SUMMARY: The primary responsibility of this position is to provide nursing care to ensure the safety of the patient during their stay in the surgical suite. POSITION DUTIES To utilize specialized nursing knowledge and discriminative judgment while giving direct and indirect patient care. Performs assessment of patient for specific nursing care needed. Plans care to ensure patient safety. Directs and assists in carrying out safe aseptic & sterile techniques and procedures. Supervises and directs the activities of non-professional personnel as necessary. To perform the tasks delegated to the "circulating" role. Checks room for needed supplies and prepares room for specific patient and procedure. Assist in transporting patient to O.R. and checks patient record for appropriate pre-op preparation and procedures (i.e. lab, x-ray, appropriate permits). Performs and/or directs appropriate surgical prep. Completes documentation for O.R. records, laboratory requisitions, and patient chart including medications and physician orders. Directs proper care of instruments, supplies, sterilization, and storage of equipment. Supervises and assists with the proper, safe positioning of the patient. Performs sponge, needle, and instrument counts and documentation of same. Identifies, labels, and cares for all surgical specimens properly. Secures emergency equipment and supplies as needed. Controls the general "tone" of the operating room. To perform the tasks of the "scrub" role. Scrub, gowns, and gloves members of surgical team following aseptic techniques. Sets up operating room with all necessary equipment and supplies. Arranges instruments according to routine for a given procedure. Handles instruments correctly and checks for cleanliness and proper working condition. Maintains sterile field throughout the surgical procedure. Performs clean up following procedures, as well as general housekeeping duties. Functions in the role of second assistant following successful skills demonstration. To function efficiently as a member of surgical team. Provides assistance to team members, physicians, and anesthesia personnel as needed (i.e. reliability, working relations, initiative, training needs). Reviews physicians' preference cards and updates as needed. Assists in stocking, preparation, and waste management of supplies. Performs other related duties as assigned. To support quality activities. Develop communication skills and promote departmental relationships to ensure continuity of care. Participates in on-going committees and other educational programs to enhance patient care. Maintains current CPR certification and any advanced life support certifications. REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS Immediate Supervisor: Administrator Positions to be supervised: Surgical Technician POSITION CHARACTERISTICS It is necessary to perform some overtime beyond regularly scheduled work hours to provide patient care. Additionally, some on-call duty may be required. Because of the nature of procedures in the O.R. and patient care issues, this job can be stressful and hectic. POSITION REQUIREMENTS Physical and mental - 80% walking, standing, pushing, pulling, required to move patients. Potential exists for exposure to blood and body fluids as well as other hazardous materials. Personal protective equipment should be utilized as needed. Must have a thorough knowledge of general nursing theory and practice; a knowledge of operating room technique; possess strong organization skills and flexibility; present good communication skills; have the ability to assess priorities; present a professional image; and be able to handle periods of stress. POSITION SPECIFICATIONS The Operating Room Staff Nurse must be a graduate of an accredited School of Nursing and be currently licensed to practice nursing. A minimum of one year experience in the operating room is preferred. The successful candidate must have the ability to work independently as well as function within a team; have the ability to assess patient needs, determine priorities, plan and direct care for the surgical patient, and must possess the ability to handle stress. Hours: Great hours, 3 12 hour shifts, Monday through Thursday. Pay: $43-48 an hour Benefits: health, 401k, paid vacation/sick leave and more.