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Apply for Popeyes jobs $12 - $25.50 (Hiring Now)

Company : Popeyes

Location : Lumberton, NC

Created : 2023-05-20

Job Type : Full Time

Job Description

See local Popeyes jobs. Full and part time positions. Apply today.About Popeyes The Popeye's Louisiana Fried chicken is a Louisiana based fast food chain specializing in fried chicken. For over 40 years now it has grown to take its place among other reputable fast food joints in New Orleans. Its authentic menus including tender chicken nuggets, mild fried chicken as well as spicy choices not excluding seafood caters for any specific taste buds and it's a great place for a good meal with family or some friends. Most orders are accompanied by a drink and a biscuit which is why it is also sometimes known as Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits. With outlets in the US and outside Popeye's has grown as a popular and successful franchise owing to its creative menus and special deals available to customers. Types of jobs you could find at Popeyes Cook This job requires applicants to have prior working experience in the same position. Applicants should be able to work under pressure, manage a team and have a functioning knowledge of a restaurant kitchen. Crew Member Applicants with great customer relations as it involves daily interactions with customers. Ability to work well with others is an added advantage. All applicants should have high school diploma to apply. Restaurant Manager Popeye's is looking for a restaurant manager to take charge of one of their branches. Applicants should have prior experience in restaurant operations and be able to handle team members. Why People Recommend Working at Popeyes Fun competitive work atmosphere. The employees at Popeye's are friendly outgoing and this creates a fun workplace where employees can be at their most productive to offer quality services to the public. Requests can be made for future days off. Depending on other activities an employee may be doing outside work, your job should not be a hindrance to other productive or personal commitments. In light of this the management has made it possible to request for future days off from work to cater for your life outside work. One week vacation. After working for a couple months, employees are entitled to a week's vacation to get a break from work and replenish lost energy, the system allows employees to be replaced in their jobs during their break.