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Job Title

RN Supervisor

Company : The Pavilion at Queens for Rehabilitation & Nursing

Location : Flushing, NY

Created : 2019-09-07

Job Type : Full Time

Job Description

Title: Registered Nurse Supervisor (Registered Nurse)1.     Currently licensed as Registered Professional Nurse in New York State.2.      Has malpractice insurance for New York State.3.     Has supervisory experience in a long-term health care setting.4.      Demonstrates evidence of leadership and management skills.5.     Has knowledge of Federal and State health regulations.6.     Experience with care plans and MDS.7.     Experience with ventilator equipment and LV. therapy.8.     Flexibility in work hours.9.     Physically and mentally capable of performing job responsibilities.10. Nursing supervisor must wear white laboratory coat.Scope:Oversee the total care and safety of all residents and employees during his/her tour of duty. Supervises and assist all nursing personnel in their work performance when necessary. Performs duties of Unit Nurse when necessary.Responsibilities;1.     Receives reports from previous shift and reads the twenty-four reports via electronic medical records. Reads and initial Nursing communication book. Checks to see that adequate staff is present and make replacements when necessary.2.     Makes rounds all assigned nursing units and assesses condition of residents along with their environment. Examines and evaluates all residents presenting a problem. Notifies physician and family when necessary and documents finding on appropriate records.3.     When needed, works with Respiratory Therapists and LV. Company to assure proper procedures, etc. accompanies Physicians on rounds and assists with examinations and treatments or designates another nurse. Sees that monthly annual schedules are made for all residents to be seen by the Physicians. Add names of other residents who need attention to the physician's book. Ensures that all lab and diagnostic reports are reported to the physician and followed up as needed.4.     Oversees the preparation of Physician's order sheets prior to Physician visit. Oversees that all physician orders are signed and accomplishes correctly in a timely manner. Notifies and/or ensures the physician and family are notified when resident's condition changes.5.     Supervises all meal times. See that residents are not consuming the appropriate amount of food be evaluated by the physician and dietician in a timely manner. Monitor weight results and report the result to physician along with paper documentation. See that residents are served and fed properly.6.     Has the authority to discipline and terminate subordinate staff when necessary. Orient new personnel. Participates in and at times conducts in-service training.7.     Makes all necessary arrangements for residents to be transferred out of the facility to hospitals, clinic and doctor's office and ensures all necessary paper work is prepared. Follow up with consultations to ensure they all completed in a timely manner. Informs physician recommendations. Ensures that the resident is a candidate for diagnostic testing and the resident and family agree to have testing done before any arrangements are made.8.     Evaluates and, if necessary, gives first aid to all residents and employee who may have a n accident within the facility. Ensure completion of all A/I forms by all required personnel.9.     Appropriately follow through on all grievances when possible or direct complaints to the appropriate Department Head. Document in resident's medical records. Follow tracking system for lost and/or stolen personal property when resident reports and missing items.10. Receive and follow up telephone orders, including reminding the physician that all telephone orders are signed and dated within 48 hours.11. Assists with admissions, re-admission and expirations. Ensures that all documentation is properly completed. Ensures that resident's belongings and room are properly identified. Notifies physician ad appropriate personnel of the admission.12. Complete assigned:);.>    MDS and care plans);.>    Infection control reports);.>    Review of Electronic Medical Records);.>    Update care plans as required);.>    Ensure wound documentation is completed and submitted to appropriate personnel weekly.);.>    Ensure weekly nursing rehab notes are completed13. Oversees the ordering, checking for accuracy and sufficient supply of medications. Ensures expired medications are returned to pharmacy with returned medication for credit. Follow up with any pharmacy violations14. Oversees or administer PPD testing is done upon resident admission and then repeated within 7-21 days if results are negative. Ensures PPD results are read within 48-72 hours and documented appropriately in resident's electronic medical record and immunization tracking sheet. Ensures PPD testing is done annually. Any positive results are to be reported to primary physician to obtain chest x-ray order.