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Job Title


Company : Westchester Medical Center

Location : Warwick, NY

Created : 2019-08-31

Job Type : Full Time

Job Description

JOB SUMMARY:The Maintenance Mechanic/Painter is responsible for painting,wallcovering, wood finishing, plastering and repairs of the facility andassociated buildings. All work and related duties are to be performedin compliance with local and state codes. Assists during essential needon facilitates mechanical, pneumatic and electrical repairs and/or othertypes of repairs relating to maintenance of the physical structure ofthe facility.RESPONSIBILITIES:? Paints interior and exterior surfaces from new construction orfor maintenance repair.? Prepares surfaces and hangs all type of wallcoverings.? Performs drywall finishing and repair and /or plaster wallpatching prior to paint or wallcovering.? Stripes parking lot.? Applies stains to new wood surfaces such as doors and trims.? Erects scaffolding and simple rigging as required.? Makes effective use of new and salvaged materials.? Acts in accordance with established departmental guidelinesand assumes responsibility, advising at the earliest point of actionstaken under this assumption of authority in the absence of plantoperations management.? Communicates work related activities, supply requirements,problems, code violations, and insufficiencies to supervisor.? Complies with established policies, procedures, regulations ofthe facility and the department and with federal, state and localbuilding codes.? Complies with strict occupational safety, infection controland general safety regulations in the performance of duties and use ofchemicals.? Attends meetings as required such as in-service meetings,staff meetings, etc.? Sees that all equipment used in day's work is cleaned andstored properly after work is performed or is at least kept out oftraffic lanes if the work extends over a period of time.? Works to achieve departmental and facility goals.? Maintains good public relations and interpersonal skills.? Completes daily progress work orders and other requiredpaperwork.? Assists in keeping areas controlled by Facilities clean, clearand free of hazards.? Receives and responds to telephone calls, written requisitionsand/or preventative maintenance tasks and follows required actions withappropriate documentation.? Organizes work and gives priority to emergency repair.? Reports equipment malfunctions to supervision and respondswith appropriate action.? Abilities to perform basic troubleshooting of facilitymechanical example: bed repairs, clean and repair traps and strainers,service motors, basic electrical and plumbing repairs etc.? Utilizes essential equipment to perform daily jobrequirements.? Supports other essential duties as required during a facilitydisaster.? Performs other duties as assigned.QUALIFICATIONS / REQUIREMENTS:Experience:2 years maintenance/engineering experience in a healthcare setting,preferred.Highly experienced in painting and wall repairs of all kinds.Mechanical repairs experience required.Building Management System (BMS) experience preferred.Education:High school diploma or equivalent requiredLicenses / Certifications:Class II C.F.C. certification preferredOther:If applicable, the individual performing this job may reasonablyanticipate coming into contact with human blood and other potentiallyinfectious materials. Individuals in this position are required toexercise universal precautions, use personal protective equipment anddevices, and learn the policies concerning infection control.? Employee must have means to get to and from their job sitewithin their scheduled working hours.? Travels outside the office in all weather conditions.? Walks, stands, reaches, stoops, crawls under, or into variousequipment and climbs ladders.? May be subject to adverse working conditions related to theplant function matters of which conditions can include hazardousmaterials, waste disposal and equipment maintenance.? Works outside of patient care areas where there is potentialfor exposure to dust, dirt, noise and other potentially uncomfortablework conditions.