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Job Title

Field Nurse Supervisor

Company : Archcare

Location : Brooklyn, NY

Created : 2019-08-31

Job Type : Full Time

Job Description

The Branch Manager/Director of Patient Service is responsible for administrative and clinical direction, coordination of agency activities and managing the agency’s day-to-day operations.RESPONSIBILITIES Carries out the agency’s mission, philosophy, goals and objectives within guidelines of agency policy and position function. Interprets and implements the Agency’s philosophy to staff and members of the community. Develops, implements, interprets and monitors agency policies and procedures. Recommends changes to the advisory committee and the governing authority. Assists in planning overall development and administration of the agency under the direction of the Vice President. Supervises all clinical professional and paraprofessional personnel. Participates in direct client care activities. Participates in licensing surveys and reviews. Selects and maintains a qualified, well organized staff to provide care for the needs of the clients. Participates in patient care assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation. Markets services, negotiates contracts on behalf of the agency and functions as the account manager. Oversees the human resource aspects of the agency. Hires, evaluates the performance, competence, and needs of the staff and terminates staff. Utilizes the assistance of the administrative Human Resource Assistant as needed. Oversees the financial aspects of the agency including payroll and billing, assists with budget development and fee setting. Approves expenditures, signs checks. Collaborates with the Director of Finance as needed. Oversees the marketing and public relations programs. Maintains contact with referral sources, updates them on patient progress as appropriate. Develops the strategic plan for business expansion in all areas that are licensed. Participates in the Quality Assurance Program. Oversees the implementation and assessment of the training and in-service education programs. Maintains forms and record systems. Manages the Patient Complaint/ Grievance Procedure. Administratively supervises all agency staff. Represents the agency at meetings, participates in community activities as indicated. Monitors compliance with appropriate Federal, State, and local rules and regulations. Participates in Performance Improvement activities as required. Participates in evaluating overall position performance, goal setting, and achievement, and performance improvement plan.A Registered Nurse with at least two years or supervisory or administrative experience within the last four years in a home health or health facility and an additional two years of clinical experience. Must be currently licensed (in good standing) in New York State. Must meet educational/experience requirements outlined in the NYS licensure laws. Speaks, writes, reads and comprehends English. Able to lift, push, and pull light to moderate loads. Current Driver’s License, required car insurance and a car available for work. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES Analytical abilities sufficient to make decisions relating to complex problem situations and develop sound plans. Sales/Marketing knowledge in selling services, cold-calling ability Ability to create and execute a plan for growth in business; entrepreneurial skills. Interpersonal skills sufficient to gain acceptance of others in matters related to the delivery of patient services and operation of the agency. Maturity and professionalism sufficient to work successfully under pressure. Understanding of and ability to interpret and enforce agency and agency policies and procedures. Plan effective, efficient work schedule for self and others; flexibility. Identification of an individual’s competence, areas of excellence, problem areas and those in need of development.