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Job Title

Release Manager

Company : Odesus

Location : New York City, NY

Created : 2021-03-13

Job Type : Full Time

Job Description

We are looking for a Release Manager to join our Digital Product team and play an important role in the development cycle. You will be responsible for the planning and execution of releases and the communication of such release details across multiple teams. A SNAPSHOT OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES Manage all aspects of every release (internal and application) Interface with Development, Product, Support, QA, and businesses to ensure high quality and successful releases Monitor changes in major KPIs and other indicators and share results with various teams Use in-house and third-party tools to monitor releases Make sure that the data has been accounted for and addressed for every release Monitor adoption rate of releases Partner with product management on KPI goals and changes from release to release Be the first alarm sound around major drops in KPIs and be in charge of pulling back or changing releases Come up with a viable Plan B for every release across every app alongside the development team Build release reports to show release trends and changes in data Work closely with product management and design team to build the best representation of the apps across all application stores Understand the uniqueness of every platform release process and build the most efficient release process to ensure the success of releases Build the most efficient pathway between development and release management WHAT YOU WILL NEED A minimum of 3-5 years of relevant digital experience Excellent written and verbal skills Strong analytical and negotiation skills Highly creative, technical, and innovative mindset Detail-oriented with tireless attention to the strategic picture of the business and have a knack for dataSDL2017