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Job Title

Technology Sales Manager

Company : Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office

Location : New York City, NY

Created : 2021-04-24

Job Type : Full Time

Job Description

Can you hire, train and develop, inspire, drive team activities, and achieve sales targets? Atlantic Tomorrows Office- Providing World Class Business Technology Integration Imaging/Technology Experience Preferred Founded in 1959, Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office is recognized as an Elite award winning and leading provider of business technology solutions. As the largest independent provider in the region with a solid track record of growth, more than 20,000 clients trust Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office to handle their technology needs. Focusing on the total business solution, our mission is to help our clients achieve a competitive advantage. People and knowledge are our most valuable assets. With offices in New York City, Westchester County, Long Island, NY, New Jersey, and Greater Philadelphia, Atlantic Tomorrow’s Office is seeking a high-level Sales Manager to lead our New York City team. Basic Function: Drive a sales force that markets & sells a full line of award-winning imaging products, software solutions, and managed IT services to targeted accounts. + Exceed budgeted revenue, gross profits and/or expense goals + Develop promotable salespeople + Oversee sales operations for our New York City team. Planning: + Have a continuous 3 Month Business Development Plan + Build a 3 Month Career Plan with each salesperson, including weekly/ monthly updates + Communicate all needs to subordinates and supervisors in a timely manner. + Provide top management with business and/or activities plans as requested + Conduct daily/ weekly plan and review sessions with all salespeople to include driving key activities, client strategy, coaching, and problem-solving. + Conduct Monthly and Quarterly reviews with all Sales Team members. + Maintain a sales force in which all sales employees have the capacity to work and produce results at quota level or greater Recruiting: + Always maintain 100% manpower in all sales territories + Make effective, timely deselection decisions + Maintain a system of interviewing/recruiting that will ensure a bench of qualified sales candidates are always on file Sales and Activity Reporting: + Provide accurate activity driven, forecasts, and sales reports in a timely manner + Track and catalog all sales employees’ daily activities via CRM tool. + Respond quickly and appropriately to all salesperson activity and/or results deviations Salesperson Training and Development: + Give comprehensive new hire training to all salespeople to include all aspects of the salesperson’s job description + Field train with all salespeople half days and have a proactive training agenda for continued salesperson development + Provide each salesperson time for detailed pre-and post-call coaching + Ensure that the working environment is positive and uplifting by maintaining a professional office environment + Every day study the behavior of all salespeople for behavior deviations and/or behavioral inconsistencies + Have minimum nonnegotiable weekly/monthly performance and behavior standards that all employees know + For tenured employees, provide specific methods of group involvement to ensure intellectual and career growth Personal: + Manage time effectively through keeping priorities in order + Maintain general organizational skills through personal planning + Display high ethics, character, and commitment to the business + Control egos + Display initiative in handling problems and making the business grow + Maintain a stable, positive daily personal disposition + Monthly, proactively drive towards personal self-improvement + In decision making, ensure that the solutions to today’s problems do not become tomorrow’s new problems + Accept responsibility for group behaviors and results + Recognize that change is a competitive edge and find the positive side to all change + Follow company policy and procedures Marketing: + Support all company marketing plans + Role play and practice presentations with sales force so that they are fully prepared + Run appropriate sales contests and incentives in concert with the market development plan General: + Support all company policies and decisions + Work for company profitability + Make consistent team building management decisions + Exercise effective positive interdepartmental communications + Assume all responsibility for company decisions in the eyes of the subordinates + Be involved with collections when required + Follow through on additional activities or responsibilities as requested by top management Key Working Relationships: + Collaborate closely with top management and team members in all departments. + Bachelor’s degree required, or in place of a degree, 10+ years of relevant experience + 5+ years of sales management experience required + Imaging/ Technology Industry experience preferred + Proficiency in MS Office products required Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office offers a very attractive compensation package with includes: + Excellent salary, (commissions, bonuses and expense allowance). + Uncapped commissions + Outstanding benefits package (incl. medical, dental, life insurance) + 401(k) plan + Excellent holiday/vacation plans + Excellent on-going training and improvement of sales ID: 2021-1285 Street: 134 W. 26 St