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Job Title


Company : TradeJobsWorkForce

Location : Arlington, VA

Created : 2020-10-24

Job Type : Full Time

Job Description

Baker Job Duties: Prepares, produces, and bakes breakfast pastries, breads, rolls, and some desserts. Develops new products for a la carte or menus on a rotating basis. Decorates baked goods, such as cream pies, using a pastry bag. Sets time and speed controls for mixing machines, or blending machines, so that ingredients will be mixed or cooked according to instructions. Measures or weigh flour or other ingredients to prepare batters, doughs, fillings, or whipped cream, using scales or graduated containers. Prepare garnishes as needed for baked goods. Maintains adequate supply of all prepared products on hand and ensures the proper storage and refrigeration. Keeps spoilage/waste to a minimum by ordering and utilizing proper quantities and rotating products. Lines up baked products in mobile carts according to the needs of the particular outlet or function. Utilizes any and all leftovers into usable products. Cleans, breaks down, and puts away all baking equipment including: ovens, mixers, proofer, floors, freezer, and refrigerators.