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Job Title

Collection Attendant/Production Aide (Bemidji, MN)

Company : Goodwill Industries Vocational Enterprises, Inc.

Location : Bemidji, MN

Created : 2020-06-25

Job Type : Full Time

Job Description

KIND OF WORK: The Production Aide/Collection Attendant is responsible for keeping the area of donations neat and clean, putting old donations inside the building and stacking it neatly, politely answering questions from the public, and offering donation receipts. The Production Aide portion of this position is responsible for sorting, categorizing, and quality control of contributed goods as assigned. This position is responsible for meeting or exceeding production demands. DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF WORK: Collection Attendants will need to have a physical capacity for heavy work. (Attendants need to be capable of lifting 100 lbs. maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 50 lbs. Must also be capable of walking and/or standing the majority of the work day and adequate transportation must be available. As the Production Aide, the employee is responsible for Sorting of goods into appropriate categories; quality control of goods within the assigned area; meet or exceed production demands; maintain housekeeping in the assigned area; recordkeeping as required; attend meetings as assigned by the Department Manager; perform other job-related duties as assigned. ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLES OF WORK: + Assist customers in unloading donations. + Place all donations inside the collection area of the building. + Keep area of collection neat and clean, free of donations, trash, etc. + Politely answer questions from the public. + Offer donation receipts to all customers. + Securing collection area upon completion of shift. + Rejecting, politely but firmly, items that we cannot accept. REQUIREMENTS OF WORK: + Must be capable of pushing and pulling wheeled carts to and from the work area. + Must also be capable of frequent bending and twisting during the work day. + Must be physically able to walk up and down stairs and stack boxes overhead. + Must be able to make quality decisions as per the criteria established within the training period. + Ability to relate with people with disabilities in a work setting. + Ability to stock goods on the sales floor. + Physically capable of “heavy” work, lifting of 100 lbs. occasionally and frequent lifting of 30 lbs. throughout the work day. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS FOR WORK: No minimum education required, previous work experience preferred. WORK ENVIRONMENT: These work environment factors are general in nature and may vary depending on the specific position being filled. CONSTANT: Stand, bend, twist, use of hands and arms with repetitive motion, and vision acuity. FREQUENT: Bend neck; talk/speak. OCCASIONAL: Lift and carry up to 100 pounds; rotate neck, static neck position; walk; hear within 5 feet and midrange vision. Benefits Benefit Package: $10 per hour + $160 bi-weekly summer seasonal bonus + 6 paid vacation days the first year of employment; increasing after 3, 6 and 12 years + Nine (9) paid holidays per year + Term life insurance coverage + 4% employer 401(K) contribution after one year’s employment at a minimum of 1,000 hours + Bonus opportunities