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Job Title

SRE - Bloomberg Query Language (BQL) Team

Company : Bloomberg

Location : New York City, NY

Created : 2020-05-30

Job Type : Full Time

Job Description

Job Requisition Number:82204 The Bloomberg Query Language /(BQL/) team is leading the low/-latency analytics space in the financial domain/. We are developing a cloud/-based, low/-latency Analytics and Screening Platform for huge financial data sets/. We are also creating a Financial Query Language to allow users to express complex data retrieval, analytics and screening for processing on the BQL Platform, and provides screening capabilities/. We're architecting and designing the entire ecosystem for the Analytics Platform and Screener Engine/. The platform leverages various technologies to enable distributed and cross/-language analytics/. Being a federated platform, the challenges of maintaining the stability and reliability of the system are unique and enormous/. That's where you come in/. As an SRE in BQL, you'll be trusted to ensure that our production systems are healthy, monitored, automated, and designed to scale/. We'll depend on you to optimize the overall reliability of our clusters through stress tests, chaos engineering, failovers and auto/-recovery/. You'll develop tools focusing on continuous integration, automated software releases, configuration management and system management/. As BQL product usage and features grow at a fast rate, it poses interesting challenges regarding scalability, performance and capacity monitoring/. ### As an SRE we’ll trust you to: + Design, develop, and deploy applications that maintain a healthy production environment/. We are accountable for monitoring, observability, intelligent alerting, incident response, change management, capacity planning, provisioning, configuration, and orchestration + Support services throughout their lifecycle, working with component teams for system design consulting, shared component development, and release reviews + Participate in a support escalation rotation ### You’ll need to have: + Excellent Python skills /(3/+ years in a production environment/) + Experience working on large/-scale projects in an OO language/. Experience in JAVA is highly preferred/. /-Familiarity with design and implementation of large scale distributed systems /-Strong interpersonal communication skills and ability to work well in a collaborative environment /-A persevering attitude to challenge the status quo ### We would love to see: + Hands/-on experience of Java programming language + JVM tuning and profiling/-Containerization technologies /(like Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos/) + Applied SRE experience + Working knowledge of data streaming and analytics platforms + Market Data industry exposure or knowledge