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Job Title

Payroll Specialist

Company : Central Valley Specialty Hospital

Location : Modesto, CA

Created : 2020-10-10

Job Type : Full Time

Job Description

: Job Summary: The Payroll Specialist provides support to HR and Finance Departments with specific responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of preliminary and final payroll reports, time sheets, spreadsheets, and funds distribution; responding to inquiries and/or requests for data and/or reports; and providing timely and accurate payroll production. The Payroll Specialist coordinates special projects as directed and prioritizes work appropriately, performs filing, typing correspondence and assists with other department duties as needed. Works closely with the Human Resources Director as it pertains to daily tasks. Qualifications: This position requires an Associate’s degree in Business management or other related field. At least two years of office or hospital administrative experience. CPP preferred, but not required. 3-5 years’ experience processing payroll is desired. Working knowledge of payroll best practices. Strong knowledge of federal and state regulations. Strong PC skills including proficiency in Excel. Working knowledge of payroll software (Kronos, ADP, Payforce). Strong work ethic and team player. High degree of professionalism. Ability to deal sensitively with confidential material. Strong interpersonal (verbal and written) communication skills. Ability to communicate with various levels of management. Decision-making, problem-solving, and analytical skills. Organizational, multi-tasking, and prioritizing skills. Ability to maintain assigned work hours: Requires endurance to perform tasks over long periods of work hours. Duties and Responsibilities:Compiles statistical and payroll data from a variety of sources (e.g., time sheets/payroll, salary adjustments, longevity pay, benefits, leave balances, tax deposits, etc.) for the purpose of providing summaries to other personnel, and/or ensuring compliance with established guidelines.Confers with a variety of internal and external parties (e.g., employees, County/State/Federal agencies, auditors, vendors, banking institutions, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring accurate payroll processing.Coordinates the payroll process with other departments and informs other staff and/or outside parties regarding procedural requirements for the purpose of processing transactions.Maintains a wide variety of payroll information (e.g., direct deposits, pre-notes, W-4’s, leave balances, salary, levies, garnishments, investments, voluntary and involuntary contributions, etc.). for the purpose of ensuring the availability of documentation and compliance with established policies and regulatory guidelines.Participates in workshops, in-service trainings, etc. for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform job functions.Prepares a variety of payroll related documents (e.g., voluntary and involuntary contributions, W-2 controls, verification of employment and salary, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference, and/or conveying information.Reconciles payroll account balances (e.g., time sheets, direct deposits, wage attachments, benefits, voluntary and involuntary contributions, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining accurate account balances and complying with established guidelines.Researches discrepancies of payroll information and/or documentation (e.g., time sheets, leave time, salary, supplements, longevity pay, stipends, FMLS, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring accuracy and adherence to procedures prior to processing.Resolves discrepancies with payroll and/or benefit information and/or documentation (e.g., payroll, benefit provider/s, withholding versus W4, salary status, late hires, leaves of absence, separating employees, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring accuracy of records and employee payments.Responds to inquiries regarding payroll procedures (e.g., wage levies and garnishments, direct deposits, etc.) for the purpose of providing appropriate action and/or complying with established fiscal guidelines.Reviews payroll and a variety of insurance-related information (e.g., payroll reports, FMLA, requirements, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring accuracy of payroll and insurance records.Supports the HR Director in completing payroll operations for the purpose of ensuring the timely and accurate payroll generation.Ability to communicate with employees, the public and management in a courteous and professional manner, and maintain confidentiality.Ability to process assigned duties and work independently in an efficient and organized manner.Ability to effectively work in a multi-task environment.Ability to maintain composure in difficult situations.Ability to exhibit leadership by demonstrating a commitment to teamwork.Ability to identify emerging issues and communicate them to management.