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Job Title

CDL Driver / Heavy Equipment Operator

Company : Denali Water Solutions

Location : New York City, NY

Created : 2019-08-27

Job Type : Full Time

Job Description

CDL Driver - Heavy Equipment Operator - STATEN ISLAND, NYClass A or B CDL DriverPosition Summary: Drive a tractor-trailer combination or a truck with the capacity of at least 26,001 lbs., to transport and deliver materials in liquid, solid, or loose form. May be required to load and/or unload truck. Requires a Current Class A or Class B Commercial Drivers' License.This position is a safety sensitive position and requires a clear mind and diligence. The employee has the responsibility for his/her own safety as well as the safety of others.A working knowledge of New York City (5 Burrows) is Essential to facilitate workflow.Responsibilities and Essential Duties:Maintenance: Perform all pre and post inspections on truck and trailer combinations or truck with the capacity of at least 26,001 lbs. Report all defects, accidents, traffic violations, and damage to the vehicles Perform the basic vehicle maintenance tasks such as adding oil, fuel, and radiator fluid or performing minor repairs. Perform emergency roadside repairs such as changing tires and installing light bulbs, tire chains, and spark plugs.Daily Operations: Operate the truck and trailer combination by performing and acknowledging all safety regulations as determined by FMCSA, OSHA, and the Company Lower/Raise trailer landing gear, using crank, to safely secure the vehicles. Check all load-related documentation to ensure that it is accurate and complete. Maneuver trucks into loading and unloading positions, following signals from loading crew as needed; check that vehicle position is correct and any special loading equipment is properly positioned Drive trucks with capacities greater than 3 tons, including tractor-trailer combinations, in order to transport, deliver, collect products and other materials. Use hoses, tools, and other equipment in order to collect and distribute materials. Read and interpret maps in order to determine vehicle routes. Couple and uncouple trailers by changing trailer jack positions, connecting and disconnecting air and electrical lines and manipulating fifth wheel locks. Collect delivery instructions from appropriate sources, i.e. dispatcher, area manager, or plant manager, and verify instructions and routes. Operate equipment as regulations deem appropriate and can be performed safely, to exchange necessary information with bases, supervisors, and other drivers. Load and unload trucks or assist others with loading and unloading, operating any special loading-related equipment on vehicles and using other equipment as necessary. Inventory and inspect goods to be moved, in order to determine quantities and conditions. Inspect loads after loading is complete, in order to ensure cargo is secure. May involve climbing up/down ladder. Perform other duties as determined by area supervisor.Compliance: Maintain driver logs of working hours and of vehicle service and repair status, following applicable state and federal regulations as determined by CFR Part 49. Obtain receipts or signatures when loads are delivered.Safety: Perform and acknowledge all safety regulations as determined by FMCSA, OSHA, and the Company when completing any and all tasks related to operations. Check vehicles daily before driving them to ensure that mechanical, safety, and emergency equipment is in good working order. Complete DVIR report daily (also tasked under maintenance) Complete monthly safety quizzes and trainings Identify and correct conditions that affect employee safety.This position, at any time, may require you to travel outside of state lines. Management retains the right to revise your load pickups and drop-offs.Heavy Equipment OperatorWeCare Denali currently has a Full-Time job opening for a Heavy Equipment Operator with full benefits at our Staten Island, NY facility.Responsible for operating front-end loaders, excavators, trommel or deck screeners and possibly grinders in an outdoor, unpaved environment. Our machines work to process bulk material often working independently with daily/weekly production demands.WeCare Denali is an Organics Recycling Facility, making mulch, topsoil and compost, and processing yard wastes. We work with heavy machinery, large screeners and grinders to process material. We are committed to delivering high quality materials and customer service. WeCare Denali is an equal opportunity employer and provides full benefits to all its full-time employees, including a boot program, safety glasses program and uniform program. We are looking for motivated individuals who enjoy working as a part of a team.Essential Job Responsibilities:This position is a safety sensitive position and requires a clear mind and diligence. The employee has the responsibility for his/her own safety as well as the safety of others. Operating heavy equipment (excavator, loaders, etc.) as required, in a safe and efficient manner to process material as well as facility maintenance. Machine's basic service, refueling, diagnostics, minor repairs, greasing, blowing out filters, and filling out daily maintenance reports. Wearing a radio and staying in contact with fellow employees as well as delivery drivers. Some minimal labor responsibilities including but not limited to general site housekeeping, cleaning of equipment, support for other operators, etc. Inspect and complete equipment report daily, including Pre & Post shift inspections, proper machine shut down and cleaning inside & outside of equipment. Load trucks in a safe manner. Move raw material away from dumping area and into the proper piles for further processing. This may include pushing the material onto a high bulk pile. Maintain piles to avoid fires. Be willing to help others if needed to get the work assignments completed in a timely manner. Problem solving skills. Effective verbal and listening communications skills. Demonstrate sound work ethics, respectful to others and follow operating procedures. Flexible and reliable. Ability to work overtime as needed, especially during busy seasons.Requirements and Qualifications: Demonstrated experience as a Heavy Equipment Operator or a valid Heavy-duty Operator Certification, or a combination of both. Grade 12 diploma required or GED. Positive, team focused attitude. Experience working with composting or waste management is an asset. Reliable transportation is required as this position is not located on a bus route. Safety First attitude. Ability to sit for extended periods in operation of equipment on varying surfaces. Ability to climb up and down from cab heights with ease, multiple times per hour. Must be eligible to work in the Unites States. Must pass a pre-employment drug screen. Work is performed in an outdoor environment in extreme cold or heat; exposed to noise, dust, grease, some fumes, and odors, mechanical and electrical hazards.