Your Answer to One Interview Question Can Cost You a Job!

Avoid these mistakes that can cost you your jobFor jobseekers, getting ready for the interviewing process is of extreme importance. During an interview, the hiring manager or the employer asks many different types of questions to gauge the employability of job applicants. Many applicants handle the common questions really well, but they make mistakes while responding to some uncommon or tough interview questions. As a matter of fact, one wrong answer could cost them a job.

Do you want something like this happen to you? If you don’t, it’s important that you know really well how to handle different types of questions during an interview for achieving success.

Common Interview Questions

Usually, an employer or the hiring manager asks some common questions to know at least as much about a job applicant as it is required to make a good hiring decision. If you have been interviewed before, you’ll certainly have some idea about the kind of questions that are commonly asked.

Here are a few examples –

Tell me something about yourself.
Why do you want this job?
What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?
What are your hobbies or interests?
What has been your biggest achievement?
What’s your aim in life?
Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
What kind of salary do you expect?

There are many more questions like this. With some research and practice in advance, you can prepare yourself to answer efficiently. With each response that you give, you should aim to impress the hiring manager, so they decide to hire you for the advertised job position.

Uncommon Interview Questions

The kind of questions you are asked during an interview may vary from one employer or hiring manager to another. Sometimes, you may face questions that you didn’t actually prepare for or expect. Though every uncommon question may not be a bad question necessarily, many of them require some careful thinking before you decide to respond.

Examples include –

What are your political views?
What religion do you practice?
What do you think about women’s rights?
Have you ever been treated for alcoholism?
Have you ever been arrested?

Definitely, questions like these are not easy to answer. Though you need to respond to common interview questions with care as well, answering the uncommon questions require even more care. According to career experts, the best way to deal with questions on sex, religion, politics, or marriage is to avoid them quickly. It’s never recommended to comment on sensitive issues. Every person has their own personal views. There can be differences of opinions. But if your personal opinions don’t match with that of the hiring manager, you may be in big trouble. You might even be disqualified quickly.

Important Tips to Follow

No matter what type of questions you are asked during an interview, there are some rules of the thumb to keep yourself safe.

First and foremost, don’t hurry to provide an answer. Once the interviewer has asked you a question, it’s a good idea to buy your brain some time rather than responding instantly. If you hurry or answer in panic, it’s quite easy to make mistakes that might cost you the job.

Many times, it may so happen that you don’t actually understand a question. Never ever make the mistake of answering an interview question if you are not sure what it actually was or what the interviewer wanted to convey. A good idea, therefore, is to request the interviewer to rephrase the question for you.

In case you come across questions that are too personal, you can politely tell the interviewer that you’d be happy to answer questions that directly relate to the advertised job position.

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