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The sad reality about the workplace is that people are often impressionable and can quickly jump to conclusions based on individual appearance. A person with old or out of style clothes might be viewed in the workplace as being as outdated as their pre-century garments. A person who doesn’t care about ironing shirts nicely might get the reputation of being messy, sloppy, or lazy. Whatever the case may be, you should always focus on looking your best. Like they always say, dress for the job you want, not for the one you have. The first step in landing a new job is looking the part, and with these simple wardrobe tips you’ll be right on track. You should play advantageous situations into your favor, and having a clean and professional wardrobe is something that is always in your control.

1.)  Simplicity Works

In today’s fashion world, there are certainly some new styles. Fashion designers are constantly transforming men’s fashion, and it seems like every season there is something new that men should be wearing. But, the classics truly never go out of style. This doesn’t mean rocking your hand-me-down Al Capone suit from the 1930’s. It means wearing a nice, well-fitted suit. Taking the time to make sure everything is pressed and de-wrinkled. Some accessories, like tie clips and cufflinks can really add to the look, so don’t overlook these additions. However, there is a limit to how fancy you should be trying to dress. Save the pocket squares for the next black tie event. Learn how to balance style and professionalism.

2.)  Grooming

Being properly kempt will always have a positive impact on your workplace reputation, unless you are constantly taking it to an over-the-top level of perfection. This means a nice clean shave every morning, or a beard trim for those who prefer facial hair. Having a beard is fine as long as you maintain it, because a sloppy beard can make you look like a dirty lumberjack. Also, get the fingernails clean and free of dirt. This is a step that people will notice whether they realize it or not. Having that clean and neat look will boost your reputation and simultaneously raise your confidence levels. Feels good to look good.

3.)  Shoes

You always need to keep your daily shoe options open, which means buying a wide variety of shoe types, color, and styles. This is certainly a habit that can start to get expensive, but buying the right shoes is an important step in mastering your sense of fashion. If you plan on walking a significant distance as part of your commute, pack two pairs of shoes—one for walking and one for the office. Just make sure the shoes you bring will match what you are wearing and will be appropriate for wherever you work. You should have a wide variety of footwear options to ensure that you are always looking your best.

4.)  Fragrances

Usually male colognes can be very pungent, especially high-end product. If you prefer to wear cologne on a daily basis that is fine, but you need to make sure that you’re not drowning yourself in it. Too much cologne is bad, and can make those around you uncomfortable. Cologne can definitely be a good thing, but be weary of how much you are using. You might not actually realize how strong you actually smell.

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