What Makes a Good Resume Great!

Write a great resumeGood resumes may be easy to find. But most of the employers or hiring managers crave to view great resumes. A great resume is that which impresses the hiring manager to the extent they’ll want to call the applicant without any delay. As a jobseeker who wants to land a job without wasting lots of time, you should also learn the art of writing great resumes.

As you might have heard that resume writing is an art, which takes years to achieve perfection. Don’t worry you don’t need to spend months or years learning how to turn a good resume into a great one.

All you need to do is abide by these key tips –

Keep It Short

A resume is different from a CV (curriculum vitae) and is always shorter in length. It’s, therefore, highly recommended not to exceed the length of your resume beyond one page.

The challenge of the resume writer is to grab (and keep) the attention of the hiring manager in just a few minutes of time.

Pay Attention to How You Communicate

One of the most important things that differentiate a good resume from a great resume is the style of communication. Since you have only a few moments to attract the hiring manager’s attention, you should always communicate in a way that’s easy to understand. If you communicate in a confusing tone or descriptive language, you are most likely to lose their attention.

If you lack the ability to communicate effectively, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek help from outside while writing.

Talk about Accomplishments

When you apply for a particular job position, you’re not alone. In fact, the competition may be tougher than you imagine. If you want to make your resume look really great to the employer, you should write about relevant things that you have accomplished over the last few years.

You should start thinking in terms of new skills that you have acquired, special knowledge that you have gathered and key experiences that you have acquired over the recent past. It will give your resume a big edge.

Answer Employer’s Key Questions

This is one of the most important tips for writing resumes that instantly attract the employer’s attention. Since one size doesn’t fit all, it’s highly recommended to create targeted resumes for different job positions.

Before you sit to write a resume, therefore, you should do adequate research about the exact requirements of the job you are applying for. Try to take a closer look at the job responsibilities and the kind of experiences or skills the employer is looking for. At the same time, get to know a little about the future goals of the organization where you are applying.

Answer all these and similar questions will definitely add a lot of weight to your job resume and turn it into a great one.

Ensure All the Information is 100% Correct

Times are changing quite rapidly. Gone are the days when you would lie on the resume and get away with it too. Today’s employers or hiring managers are smart enough to do essential background check to get to the bottom of the truth. If you lie, you can be sure to get caught. And imagine how badly it will reflect on your personality and reputation.

Therefore, make every piece of information that include in your resume to true to the best of your knowledge. The process of winning over the hiring manager becomes easier when you speak 100% truth.

If you are about to write a resume for a new job, make sure you abide by the tips and guidelines mentioned above. Making a great resume is the only way to gain an edge over the competition and impress the hiring manager.

Do you think you have a great job resume? Please comment.

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