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best writing jobs

Pursuing a career in writing can be highly rewarding. There are plenty of naysayers that will condemn college students for pursing a writing or editing job. However, many of these people do not understand the abundance of jobs available to the right candidates. Start creating a portfolio of writing samples and keep your skills sharp by reading as much as you can. Garnering expertise from excellent writers is the best way to improve your skills. The job market for writers is constantly expanding, and they are no longer rooted to the standard journalism and editing jobs. There will always be a high demand for high quality content. Take a look at this list for the top 5 writing jobs of 2014, and maybe one of them will be your cup of tea.

1.)    Copywriter

The duties of a copywriter typically revolve around writing content for advertisements, but it can span in multiple directions. Copywriters are also responsible for writing blogs and other pieces of content. They can work for larger marketing / advertising companies, as well as for smaller companies. Some copywriters even work in a freelance capacity. The average full-time copywriter makes $55,000 per year, but the promotion potential is top notch. Often times copywriters ascend the ranks of these marketing companies and start managing entire ad campaigns. This could mean six-figure income potential at the right company.

2.)    Technical Writer

Technical writers typically write instructions for manuals or pamphlets, but some of them work in a more specialized setting. Some of these workers deal with more complex manuals, like engineering or procedural documents. The average technical writer earns $63,000 per year, but if you take on one of the more specialized topic areas, you can easily earn $100 or more per hour as an independent contractor. Technical writing is less about pure writing skill and more about getting the point across and being direct.

3.)    Journalist

Whether you are writing and reporting on news stories or simply distributing that information, journalism can be a very fun and rewarding career that is perfect for those who love to write. The important thing at play is finding your break through entry level position. The salary for journalists can be low at an average of $36,000, but most journalists are not in it for the money. Sometimes you may be thrown into dangerous situations depending on what country you are doing your reporting in. Be ready for anything.

4.)    Blogger

Bloggers focus on creating user friendly content that is published on websites all over the world. Some bloggers work full time, but many also operate in a freelance capacity. If you can only find freelance work and need full time hours, just take on as many contracts as you can handle. Bloggers can earn good money, and often times people will pay upwards of 20-30 dollars for high quality blog content. Each article takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete. Plus, you’ll get to work your own hours which is always a plus. Be aware that deadlines will approach quickly, and in the internet industry people expect things done on time. Full time salaried bloggers earn an average of $50,000 per year. As you advance through the ranks and gain popularity, this figure increases significantly. Good content can mean big money for the right website. You just need to be focused and creative.

Being a writer can be a dream job. A lot of times students are warned about the lack of job opportunities after college and shy away from becoming a career writer. However, these jobs are out there. You just need to know where to look. Start with our website, and if you are looking for freelance opportunities, be sure to get onto elance or odesk. These are two very popular sites and if you create an excellent profile the jobs will surely come your way.

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