Top 5 Seasonal Jobs

best seasonal positionsSome employees only carry out their duties seasonally, as holidays and weather can seriously impact the payroll of certain companies. Sometimes business can only be carried out at certain times of the year, and there are careers in this category that stand out from the rest. Seasonal work can be great, and there are many positions available if you know where to look. It can either be part time for supplemental income, or even a full blown career. Also, some companies will hire you during a busy season, and then elect to keep you on as a full time worker afterwards. It all depends on where you work and what duties you specialize in. With that being said, if you are looking for seasonal work, read on and find out what the best jobs are in this category.

From temporary to permanent

1.)    Caddie

In some states with warmer climates, caddies work year-round. However, in the colder regions, caddies work a seasonal job when the golf courses close down in late fall once the weather gets cold. Caddies can make an awesome living, often times earning over $200 dollars for four hours of work. There are drawbacks, however, because you are at the mercy of the caddie master when it comes to getting work, so if you are not on his/her good side, you risk coming into work and not getting a loop. But, don’t let that dissuade you from becoming a caddie, because you can make good seasonal income.

2.)    Retail Associate

Most retail stores experience a huge influx in business during the holiday season, so they take on seasonal workers to help keep up with the consumer rush. It’s a great way to pick up some supplemental income, as they are usually flexible with hours. Plus, as an employee most places will give you a discount, which you can take advantage of during the holidays.

3.)    Tax Assistant

Once tax season starts rolling around, accounting firms and government organizations get incredibly busy, and hire multiple workers to assist with the increase in paperwork. You could get a seasonal position reviewing tax forms and making sure people filled them out correctly. It can actually pay pretty well too at $14 per hour, and you’ll have the chance to get your foot in the door at a reputable organization. Often times these jobs lead to full time careers.

4.)    UPS Driver Assistant

This is actually a difficult and labor intensive position, but the reason it made this list is because of the potential to become a full time driver at UPS. These careers are sought after by many because they pay well and the benefits are excellent. If you don’t mind running packages during the holiday season, then you should consider working as a driver’s assistant. Apply for these jobs in September so you make it in time for the holiday rush.

5.)    Road Paver

In the colder climates road paving can only be done when the weather is warm, so road pavers have a seasonal gig. The pay is between 17 and 20 per hour, depending on the company and your experience. Once your job ends, you can also collect unemployment to supplement your income during the off season. Just keep in mind that they will only give you half of your paycheck, so have enough savings to make it through!

Having a career can either be a means of gaining a little extra income, or even a career. It just depends on what you make of it. Seasonal jobs are great because you’ll have the chance to go full time if you prove yourself and if not you can always come back next season. Just keep on good terms with your managers and coworkers. 

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