Top 5 Relocation Destinations


Once you get several years of experience under your belt, the opportunity to relocate will present itself. It’s usually best to focus on locations with a high volume of job opportunities, but other factors can make a difference. These areas boast outstanding suburbs for those who prefer a quiet life away from the city. When you move to a new city, you need to do a thorough analysis. What kind of job is available? What companies can I work for in the event of a layoff? Can I afford to support myself with the inflated cost of living? Ask these questions before you make a decision.

5 Best Relocation Destinations

1.)    Austin, Texas

Austin is the 11th biggest city in the United States, and it’s a city with a rich history / culture. A bunch of companies have their regional offices headquartered in Austin, including Advanced Micro Devices, Apple, Cisco, eBay, Google, IBM, Intel, Texas Instruments, and 3M. Austin is also home to excellent entertainment, food & beverage establishments, and art & culture events. It’s turning into one of the best cities for young people to live. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they host on of the biggest music festivals (South by Southwest.) The cost of living is also cheap compared to other major cities.

2.)    New York, NY

Simply put, New York City is hub of American business. Almost every type of major job exists in New York, but the cream of the crop are definitely finance or marketing positions. The major drawback to working in New York is the lofty price of real estate. It costs a pretty penny to live here. If you are considering a transfer, make sure your company helps share some of the expenses. Navigating around the New York area can really get expensive, and there really are no cheap options for living arrangements. Even the surrounding areas and suburbs are expensive. However, companies will factor this into the salary you receive.

3.)    Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon is a beautiful city, and has become a popular company for major organizations to relocate to. Large companies like Adidas, Airbnb, Banfield Pet Hospital, Intel, and U.S. Bancorp have already taken charge. Intel is the largest employer in Portland (15,000 workers.) It’s a great place to relocate mainly because of the abundance of job opportunities. Portland has already raised the minimum wage for city workers to $15/hr, and many are advocating to raise the entire minimum wage to this amount.

4.)    Washington, DC

Washington DC is home to a wide range of jobs. Some of the best jobs lay a few miles North in Maryland. There is a large section of the 495 Beltway that is saturated with large technology companies. This translates to plenty of six-figure tech jobs all around this area. Washington DC is an excellent city to live, but the major drawback is cost of living. You need to land an excellent job to consider relocation because everything is so expensive. There are also opportunities working for the government. Consider areas like Rockville, Silver Spring, or Wheaton if you are looking to live near DC but avoid the loft rent prices.

5.)    Boston, MA

Boston is the 24 largest city in the nation, but it’s definitely top five in available job opportunities. Many large companies are headquartered in downtown Boston, and the public transportation system makes commuting to and from work convenient and efficient. There are many excellent suburbs surrounding Boston, like Lexington, Belmont, Milton, Needham, and plenty more. Living in downtown Boston can be expensive, but choosing cities like Somerville or Cambridge can make it more affordable. The abundance of top-tier colleges around Massachusetts makes Boston a competitive employment market, but there are excellent jobs available for the right people.

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