Top 5 Jobs of 2014

top jobs of 2014The economy has been really tough lately. Jobs are really hard to come by, and those who have employment will stick it out, even if it is not the job that they want. If you are looking to get out of your current job and would like to grow in your career, it can sometimes be scary because you do not know which jobs will be out there now and if it will be worth your time.

When you are ready for a new job and to see growth in your career, check out these in-demand jobs that are looking for new employees today.

Training and Development Specialists

There are many companies that are focusing on the development and training of their employees in order to better their customer satisfaction. Because of this, many of these companies are concentrating on hiring the specialists that can get these jobs done. This is one of the most popular fields that is available in 2014. If you are interested in this position, you will help to design and then deliver programs that will help to enhance the participants’ skills and knowledge on the topics that are important to your business. Most of the people who go with this career choice are successful with a Bachelor’s Degree. Some of the skills that you need for this position include learning strategies, clerical skills, social perceptiveness, reading comprehension, verbal and written communication, and the ability to give instructions.

Physical Therapists

If you are interested in helping out people and working in the health industry, then this might be the position for you. This position helps to assess, plan, organize, and participate in the rehabilitative programs that help to benefit patient recovery. In this role, you will be focusing on treatment plans that help to improve your patients’ strength, improve their mobility, relieve pain, and improve disabling conditions that often come with an injury or disease. This job has seen a 7% increase since 2010, and many candidates have at least a Master’s degree before getting a job. The skills that you will need include social perceptiveness, public speaking, instructional leadership, customer service, and time management.

Interpreters and Translators

As the world is coming closer together and companies are starting to do more business overseas, they are finding that they need qualified applicants who are able to speak another language. In this role, you must be able to understand written, verbal, and sign language across several different dialects of a language in order to aid in communication between key players. You must also be able to understand some of the cultural issues that can come up between the different languages, which is why many of the applicants study overseas for a little while. This career has grown about 14% since 2010, and most of the people in this industry have been there for between 6-10 years. Some of the skills that you will need include active listening, critical thinking, social perceptiveness, verbal and written communication skills, customer service, and reading comprehension.

Petroleum Engineers

This is a career field that has seen over 21.3% job growth since 2010. Most of the applicants in this field will have a Bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering. This position is responsible for devising different methods to help improve the extraction and production of gas and oil. They will also oversee the drilling operations and help to advise on any technical issues that occur. You will need to have a lot of knowledge on earth sciences and technology to be successful in this career. Most of the people who choose this as a career path have worked in the field for 6-10 years. Some of the skills that will be useful in this field include operation monitoring, science, reading comprehension, critical thinking, systems evaluation, and mathematics. It is also one of the highest paying fields, offering an average salary of over $132,000 a year.

Database Administrator

This position has seen a job growth of 10% since 2010 and most of the people who pursue this field will have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer and information assurance, Data modeling, or computer and informational sciences. In this role you will be responsible for updating, testing, and monitoring various systems in order to help protect computer information and networks while also staying on top of any changes that are occurring in the technology world. You may also be in charge of implementing security measures to help keep the company information safe, along with any information that they may take from customers. Some of the skills that you will need for this position include complex problem solving, systems analysis and evaluation, reading comprehension, mathematics, monitoring, and decision making skills. This salary brings in an average of almost $78,000 a year.

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