Top 5 Jobs for the People Person

jobs for the people personFor those who consider themselves socially active, charismatic, and confident, there are plenty of roles working with customers and clients that would be an excellent fit. Being able to deal and communicate with other people on a day-to-day basis is a great skill to have. Companies concerned with the effectiveness of their customer service employees actively seek these types of candidates. Looking for a job working with people? Read on to find out more! Happy customers are the heart of any successful business, and you could have a direct impact on this process if you choose the right job.

Best Customer & Client Services Roles

Technical Support

Most tech support workers help customers over the phone via internet communications. However, there are also technical support workers who help customers in person. For these types of positions, it’s usually best to focus your job hunt on retail locations such as Apple, Best Buy, Target, or any other large electronics retailer. Or, for the technologically inclined, there are also opportunities to provide tech support services for computers. This type of role is actually in high demand, especially with the high percentage of consumers who use a Windows PC. As long as Windows is around, there will always be plenty of business for computer repair companies!

Grocery Cashier

Some cashiers are not talkative workers. But when you bottle up and try to be a loner, people will start to notice.  Customers will frequent the same stores over and over if their experience is top-quality. As a cashier, you have a direct role in this process. If you focus on being charismatic and communicate with your customers in a positive manner, they will naturally return to the store next time they need their supplies. Cashiers talk to hundreds of people per day, and it’s important that they remain polite and courteous. It’s a great job for the people person, but not necessarily a great career choice.

Account Executive / Account Manager

Account managers and executive deal with clients on a daily basis. Usually there is a base salary + commission, so the overall pay is ultimately determined by the performance of the worker. When you are working in sales, you need to be an effective communicator in order to sell your company’s product or service. Do you consider yourself a people person? You might be able to earn some extra cash doing something you actually enjoy. Just keep in mind that this type of work can be stressful, especially during times of limited sales. It’s not a good fit for everyone.


Lawyers talk with people almost every day. When they are in court, their primary role is communication. In order to be a lawyer, it’s a requirement that you are a people person. This doesn’t mean you need to be a social butterfly. It simply means that you’ll be dealing with clients who are directly responsible for the success of your business, so you always need to maintain a professional demeanor. Plus, it helps to be able to build a reputation with the judge / judges in your district—especially for criminal lawyers. The best lawyers are those who schmooze, wine and dine, and butter up their clients.

Human Resources

Human resources is one of the most important departments at any company, because they not only are responsible for maintaining employee files & records, distributing paychecks & direct deposits, and other duties around the office, but they also screen and hire every employee that comes through the pipeline. When it comes to the hiring process, human resources is at the top of the totem pole. Being a people person is a requirement for any human resources agent, because the nature of the work will require you to screen, recruit, and interview new employees on a daily basis.

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