Top 5 Jobs for Night Owls

best night careers

Some people operate better at night. For whatever reason their sleep cycle has changed significantly from the norm. If you consider yourself a night owl, then you should consider one of the following careers. There are plenty of excellent third shift and other night jobs available for those that thrive on an unorthodox work schedule. Working the night shift can surely turn into an excellent career if you play your cards right.

Best Night Shift Jobs

1.)    Bartender

Although there is potential to work during the lunch shift, most bartenders work dinner shifts and later into the evening. Being a bartender is an excellent job because typically you are paid an hourly wage on top of the tips you make. Your tips will depend on your overall sales since people base their tips on a percentage of the check, so working at a high volume establishment will earn you significantly more money. The average wage for bartenders is between $8-10 per hour, but you will walk out of work at the end of your shift with anywhere between $20-100 or more. It can be a part time job for supplemental income or a full time career.

2.)    Nurses

Nurses have the opportunity to work any shift. Night time shifts are usually less busy and less desired, so if night work interests you then there will be plenty of opportunity. Overnight nurses also earn a higher hourly wage. The average salary for nurses is $68,000 per year, and you can land a job with only a two year associate’s degree. However, it’s recommended that you pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing because it will provide you with the opportunity to advance into a management or educational role once you pick up some experience.

3.)    Casino Dealer

Casinos are open 24-7, and they typically get busier at night. Consider applying as a dealer for one of the many table games available to patrons. Usually casinos would like to see previous experience, but you can make your customer service experience relevant as well. Casino dealers earn a similar hourly wage to bartenders, but they also receive periodic bonuses. Also, if players are doing well they get tips which can really add up. Expect to make anywhere between $25,000-$40,000 per year depending on the size and popularity of the casino.

4.)    Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers work the traditional 40 hour work week, but airports are open 24-7, so the opportunity to work the night shift is always present. Air traffic control is a great career but it can be incredibly stressful, so there are many limitations in place to promote career longevity. You need to be alert and aware because you are ultimately responsible for the lives of others. Air traffic controllers make an average of $117,000 per year, which is an excellent salary for a job that can be worked during the third shift.

5.)    Police Officer

Working the night shift as a police offer can be exciting yet dangerous. Most of the criminals come out during the night, so you will have plenty of activity to keep you busy. Police officers have an excellent job with a great retirement / benefits package, but they do put their lives on the line when they are on duty so you need to take this risk into consideration. The average salary for a police officer is about $55,000 per year, and the opportunity to make more money is always present. Overtime can really add up.

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