Top 5 Jobs for Extroverts

jobs for extrovertsWe’ve written articles on the perfect career choices for introverted people, but if you consider yourself social and enjoy being around others, then many of those careers would make you an unhappy worker. After all, for someone who enjoys conversation, sitting behind a computer screen developing websites all day might lead to a resignation. When you are choosing which career you’d like to pursue, there are many options to consider. Pay and compatibility are the two most important. You want to make sure that you can support yourself, but you also need to be compatible with the job. So, if you consider yourself outgoing and enjoy the company of others on a regular basis, then consider some of these careers.

Career Options for Extroverts

1.)    Customer Service

This is a no-brainer, because customer service roles require that you are able to connect with the clientele of the industry that you are in and make sure that they have everything they need. It helps to be courteous and helpful, but if you enjoy working around others then this could be the perfect role. There is usually a lot of room for growth in customer service roles, and the pay for entry level work can be decent. Extroverts usually enjoy working in customer service, because there is no better way to meet people, especially if the customer interaction is occurring in person as opposed to over the phone.

2.)    Waiter/Waitress

Food Service is a job where you constantly deal with people. You see people at their best and at their worst, so if you think an angry customer would make you blow your lid, you should consider a different option. However, extroverts enjoy this job because you are responsible for the customer’s experience. If you do a good job, it can mean repeat business for the owner, and waiters/waitresses thrive on this.

3.)    Teacher

When you teach children it is your job to interact with people. You need to engage your students, talk to parents, and provide guidance and mentoring. This is a great job for someone who is an extrovert, because you are constantly dealing with others. You can’t shell up and keep to yourself, because your teaching methods will surely be ineffective. The best teachers are those who interact with their students the most.

4.)    Nurse

Nurses deal with patients all day, and it is your job to make people feel as comfortable as possible. You need to be good with people, because if you aren’t, you’ll give people bleak outlooks on their current condition. You need to be positive and friendly to succeed as a nurse. Even though you don’t deal with the volume of customers that customer service employees typically see, your time spent with patients is incredibly important. 

5.)    Human Resources

Human Resources professionals are responsible for screening every candidate that works for an organization. It is your job to make candidates and employees feel at ease, so being extroverted will go a long way. If you can’t relate to people, your career possibilities in the human resources industry won’t evolve the way they should.

Many jobs are suitable for extroverts, but for those mentioned above, you will be sure to have daily interactions with many different people. Some people are introverted and would never accept a job like this, but every person is different. So, if you enjoy working with and helping others, get out there and find a job that is suitable for extroverts. There are plenty of jobs available that suit the personality of an outgoing person—you are not locked down in your current role. When you are choosing your career, keep your personality in mind and make sure you choose something that will make you happy. You want to enjoy your work as it will improve your overall quality of life. If your game is off at work, then it will be off everywhere!

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