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For most Americans, every day at the office is just another day. The closer they move to retirement the happier they become, because ditching the job and spending time relaxing or traveling is a higher priority. However, there are some jobs that are just the opposite. You’ll love coming into work every day, and each day will be more exciting than the next. Having fun at work is reserved for a select few, and if you’re lucky enough to be included in this group then you’ve made an excellent career choice. At the end of the day, as long as you have enough money to support your lifestyle, salary shouldn’t matter. Having fun at work is a luxury that not many people realize throughout their careers. So, here’s a list of the top 5 fun jobs that only a select few are lucky enough to occupy.

1.)    Teacher

Why is being a teacher fun? Because you get to interact with children on a daily basis and sculpt the minds of future generations. It’s an incredibly rewarding career, and teachers typically report an excellent quality of life in the workplace. Being a positive influence on the lives of multiple people is an excellent opportunity, and teachers deserve a ton of respect for what they do. We’ve all had good teachers and bad teachers. But, in the end, they’ve helped up gain knowledge and made us the people that we are today.

2.)    Professional Athlete

However you view professional athletes, the fact remains that they are employees of whichever organization they are affiliated with. They play the game that they loved since they were children, and get paid a ton of money to do it. Some professional athletes don’t earn luxurious incomes, but they still have an incredibly fun career that many of us would love to have.

3.)    Musician

Sure there are a few major performers who have made it big, but there are hundreds of thousands of local musicians who perform at smaller gigs and can earn a solid income. Displaying your talents in front of a crowd and engaging them in a positive manner can be incredibly fun. Most musicians hone their craft as a part time job to supplement their incomes.

4.)    Park Ranger

Park rangers love the outdoors and provide information to tourists visiting nature reserves. Protecting the integrity of the park will be your number one priority if you pursue this type of career. They pay for a park ranger isn’t too high, but you shouldn’t be concerned with that because you’ll be working one of the most fun careers in America. They spend their entire shift outdoors walking around the Nation’s finest parks and reserves.

5.)    Wedding Planner

This is a fun job and it will allow you to start your own business. If you enjoy changing people’s lives and making their wedding the best day possible, then this career is for you. Being self-employed has many benefits, but wedding planning can be a tough and stressful endeavor. If you have a picky couple who is very specific, you can be in for a long couple of months. However, planning and attending an event can be an incredible experience.

Having a fun job is a dream that millions of Americans will never achieve. Many people are dissatisfied with their jobs, but very few feel the same way in these five positions. Sure they can be stressful, but every career has its ups and downs. If you learn to ride the waves and capitalize on the positive situations your outlook will start to change. When you are considering a new career, don’t just think about how much money you will make. You want to enjoy what you are doing, because at the end of the day, all the money in the world can’t make a miserable person happy. It’s never too late to change careers.

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