Top 5 Freelance Jobs

freelancingFreelancing can be highly lucrative, and since these workers are hired globally you can be flexible with your hours. Depending on what type of work you specialize in, the opportunities to freelance should be abundant. You just need to build up a solid reputation, which can be done by simply working hard for as many different people as you can. There are many popular sites, like Odesk and Elance, which make it easy for you to find work. More importantly, it allows employers to discover you. All it requires is a small weekly fee, which you can add onto your wages. We have compiled a list of the best freelance jobs, but it’s not purely based on how much money you make. Plus, you’ll likely have the opportunity to telecommute, which is a huge plus. There are other factors that go into it, and if you’d like to find out, then read on!

Best Freelance Jobs

1.)    Content Writer

This job covers a broad range of topics, because content can be written about everything. It helps to have some previous experience writing blogs, and college degrees can take you a long way. For example, an English major might stand a better chance finding work because it appeals to employers who want quality writing. The earnings of content writers can vary, but typically for a solid English writer the going rate can be anywhere between $15-30 per hour. It all comes down to how much experience you have, and whether or not your past clients recommend your services.

2.)    Data Entry

Some companies have excessive amounts of data, and require an employee to help them sort/analyze it. Data entry work can be done around normal working hours, which is why it made this list. Many freelance data entry workers will put in some hours at night, and submit all their work before or on the deadline. You can earn between $10-$20 per hour with data entry. If you need some extra cash and have good excel skills, then make a freelance profile.

3.)    Graphic Designer

Graphics design is a sought after and lucrative profession. If you have a solid profile or your past work and good recommendations, you can change a heavy premium for your services. You will likely be able to pick your own hours, as long as you produce quality work and make your employer happy. Graphics designers can make anywhere between $20-40 per hour.

4.)    Web Design

Quality web design is hard to come by. There are a lot of web designers out there, but not a lot of very good ones. If you consider yourself an excellent candidate and have the credentials to back it up, then you should apply. Often times you get paid a flat rate, and you’ll also be paid monthly as you maintain the website and make appropriate adjustments. A good starting point for web design is around $30 per hour, but you can make more or less than that figure depending on the project.

5.)    Search Engine Optimization

SEO work is becoming more and more popular, and as the web industry continues to expand, the demand is constantly growing. Freelance SEO work applies to many different businesses, but often times small businesses can benefit the most. By optimizing your webpage, you guarantee yourself more business since you’ll be showing up on organic searches. SEO professionals can earn between $20-30 in a freelance role.

Freelance work is great because you can telecommute and make some extra money each week. It’s not about how much the job pays, it’s about whether or not you enjoy it. If it doesn’t fit into your schedule, don’t force the issue. Apply to jobs that you’ll enjoy doing. Now that you are armed with this information, get out there and apply!

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