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Not everyone can operate in the typical 9-5 work schedule, and some jobs offer more flexibility than others without sacrificing salary. Whether you are a student, stay at home parent, or are juggling multiple jobs, consider these careers if you prefer less structure in your workday.  Many of these jobs will allow you to create your own schedule, which can be a valuable asset to the right candidate. Having flexibility to take care of your responsibilities can be a great luxury. So, if you are looking for jobs with excellent flexibility and less typical workday structure, then read on!

1.)    Retail Jobs

Whether you work as an associate or manager, retail jobs typically allow for a flexible work schedule. As you advance into a management role, your hours might become more regular, but you will also have a choice regarding which shifts you prefer to work. Retail work can happen during all shifts. Third shift work is typically allotted a higher hourly rate than first and second shift, but the management positions during night hours will always pay less. Also, when you work in retail there is usually opportunity to take on more hours, since people call in sick regularly. This could mean overtime pay if you are already a full time worker. It’s difficult to put a salary on retail jobs, but associates usually earn somewhere around $10/hr, and managers can earn anywhere from $10-20 per hour or more.

2.)    Freelance Jobs

Freelance workers can do a variety of tasks, including but not limited to writing, data entry, proofreading, editing, IT, and administrative work. These workers typically work in a freelance capacity as a part time job, but plenty operate on a full time basis. As a freelancer you will likely create your own schedule, but it does depend on the job. For writing and data entry gigs, you can essentially work any hours as long as you are meeting your deadlines. This is perfect for those with flexible schedules. The pay rate will depend on your level of expertise. Many freelancers are earning upwards of $30/hr for various tasks. Check it out!

3.)    Nurse

Hospitals are open 24/7. This means that nurses can potentially work any hours. Nursing is a job that is currently in high demand, so now is a better time than ever to pursue a career in the industry. The average salary for nurses is $65,000 per year. It’s a great career and you help people on a daily basis. You can also become a nurse with a two year associates degree, although the high level / teaching nursing positions will typically require a bachelors. Just be prepared for long shifts and plenty of overtime.

4.)    Accounting

Most accountants to operate in the typical 9-5 capacity. But not during tax season. The hours will vary and you can easily start your own tax assistance service. People will pay a lot of money for you to handle this process. The average salary for a true accountant is $53,000 per year, but there is excellent room for advancement. If you get your foot in the door at a reputable finance / banking company you can easily make six-figures once you get some experience under your belt.

5.)    Web Designer

Web designers usually charge a flat rate for their services. This means that you can work whichever hours you choose, as long as you get the job done. The best part about web design is that you can charge a monthly “maintenance fee” to update and maintain the website you created. You will have already done the grunt work, so this step is usually a piece of cake. $100-$200 per month is not out of the question for a regular maintenance fee. The average salary for web designers is $62,000 per year. It’s an excellent career and many workers are self-taught. It’s also one of the most flexible careers based on the self-employment aspect of the job.

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