Top 5 Biotech Jobs

best biotech careersAround the world, and especially in America, the biotech industry is booming. They handle scientific projects, pharmaceutical research and development, as well as many other important functions. Working in biotech can be an excellent opportunity, because not only do the jobs pay well compared to other industries, but also if you pick the correct company the room for advancement is top notch. There are other benefits to working in biotech as well, such as the potential for small companies to be bought out by larger ones. Many instances have occurred recently where large biotech companies have purchased smaller ones, and the employees of the smaller company had stocks. As a result, overnight millionaires were created. We’re not saying that if you work in biotech you’ll become a millionaire, but there are clearly perks to working in this industry.

Find the top 5 jobs in biotech

1.)    Chemist-

Working as a chemist in biotech is a great opportunity, because you will have the chance to directly apply what you’ve learned in your educational pursuits to your workplace. They make an average of about 60,000 per year, but there is potential for a raise every step along the way. You’ll need to pursue graduate education if you want to take advantage of these opportunities, but if you have the time and the resources you should do it, because you’ll be able to earn six figures after gaining experience.

2.)    Biostatistician-

If you have an interest in statistics and biotechnology, you should consider this career. When you are first starting out, you probably won’t earn a large salary, but if you get your PhD and five to eight years of experience you’ll be earning somewhere near $158,000 per year. Statistics are incredibly important for scientific research, and if you are the leader of a major biotech firm, you’ll be incredibly well remunerated for your services.

3.)    Business Manager-

The opportunities for business majors are plentiful in biotech, but it would help if you had some sort of science background. After all, you don’t want to end up managing the finances of an industry you are unsure of. However, as you progress through the ranks of a biotech firm and eventually get your MBA, your earning potential will increase to six figures. Just stick it out and get some experience—it usually takes five or more years to reach this level.

4.)    EHS Manager-

The EHS manager in a biotech company has a very broad range of responsibilities, but it all comes down to workplace safety. Biotech labs deal with dangerous materials on a regular basis. Some of them are corrosive or flammable, and may contain fumes or gasses that can permanently damage your body. So, the EHS manager concerns him/herself with making sure that everyone is safe. They constantly check up on changes in regulations, and make sure that the lab is maintained in a safe manner. They also manage the disposal of hazardous materials, and if you are an entry-level EHS worker, you’ll probably be dealing with these materials hands on.

5.)    Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Before we go into this career, just make sure you are careful when applying, because there are currently many scams for these types of positions. You want to work for a reputable organization. With that being said, pharmaceutical sales reps are an integral part of a biotech team, because without them no product would be sold. Your job will be commission based, but if your company produces a highly specialized drug you’ll have no problem finding clients that need it. Many pharmaceutical sales reps are earning commission in the 60,000-80,000 per year range, and many of these jobs only require previous sales experience.

As you can see, biotech is a booming industry with a wide array of jobs available. Working in these companies can be rewarding, because you will learn a lot and there is good room for advancement. However, keep in mind that most of the desirable positions do require a college education, so if you want to pursue a career in biotech, go to college and get your four year degree. 

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