Seven Signs Your Job Interview Was A Success

successful job interviewSince so many job interview characteristics seem routine, it can be hard to gauge the signs of a good interview, and if the hiring manager has taken a liking to you as a candidate for the job.   If possible, it is a nice feeling being able to leave the interview knowing you made a positive impression.  While there is no way to be sure whether or not you got the job (especially if the company still has more candidates to interview), there are some telltale signs that you had a successful job interview and likely bumped up your place in the running for the job.

1) The interviewer makes personal conversation

If in the course of the interview the hiring manager shows interest in your life outside of your career, such as hobbies, books you have read and places you have traveled to, it is an indication that they feel comfortable around you and are trying to find common ground on a more personal level.

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2) The interviewer’s body language is positive and open

When the hiring manager shows signs of being engaged in your presence and what you are saying, such as leaning forward, laughing and smiling, you are in the midst of a successful job interview.  Body language indicators that you are losing their interest include crossed arms and lack of facial expressions and emotion.

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3) The interviewer inquires about your other job opportunities

If the hiring manager asks questions around your job search and other places you are applying at or interviewing with, these are signs of a good interview.  It is likely they are trying to see how fast they need to move if they want to hire you.

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4) The interviewer does most of the talking

This is a sign not only that the hiring manager is immersed in the conversation, it could mean that they already feel confident enough that you would be a good fit and there was no need for long-winded explanations of anything on your end.

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5) You are asked for references on the spot

Since both hiring managers and job search candidates want to avoid overwhelming people that they use for professional references, the topic usually doesn’t come up until later on in the interviewing process, shortly before a job offer is given.  Being asked for references this soon is an indicator of a successful job interview.

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6) The interviewer informs you of the next steps at the end of the interview

When you are given a specific window of time in which you will hear back from the hiring manager, or if they tell you of a second interview or more documentation they will need, it is a positive sign that you had a good interview and they would like to move forward in the process.  Also, if you are given business cards from specific people you talk to in the interview, and invited to contact them with any questions, it’s an indicator that they liked meeting with you and hope to hear from you.

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7) Hypothetical situations are discussed

If the language used by the interviewer describes you as if you already had the job, it’s an indicator that they can envision you as a part of their team.  Phrases they might use include “When you start working…”, “Your responsibilities will entail…”or “It will become clearer once you…”

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