New Software Releases That Enhance Business Productivity

business productivitySince technology seems to grow like wildfire, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest software that has been released, and is being widely used in many businesses.  There are so many upgrades and new products lately that your clients, partners and competitors are taking advantage of, that increase productivity and bring communication to a whole new level.  Better communication means less time wasted, and more time for driving revenue.  To make sure your company isn’t missing out, below are some of the most popular developments in business software in the past year:

1)      Slack

This product is a sophisticated messaging service that is even more advanced than Skype, and combines all of your business communication across multiple channels into one platform.  It seeks to simplify corporate communications, and make messaging and e-mailing less time-consuming.  Technology publication The Verge published an article stating that as of October 31, 2014, “Slack is now the fastest-growing workplace software ever”.

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2)      Sway

A beta version of this product was just released last week by Microsoft.  Sway is a presentation and slideshow software product with features similar to PowerPoint that allows you to create slideshows using multiple forms of media, but the advantage of this tool is it makes it easier to share these presentations across the Internet, and allow multiple users to work on a presentation simultaneously.  Some of the other contemporary features of this product are a built-in image search tool and integration with YouTube and Twitter.  For more details, check out PC World’s announcement of the product release.

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3)      Lakana Digital Publishing and Software Services

This product is an advanced content management and digital publishing tool presented on a software-as-a-service platform.  According to the product’s press release, its purpose is to increase ROI and user engagement for digital media platforms.  It is widely scalable and simplifies the process of content creation and management, so that more attention can be focused on the end goal: driving more engagement.

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4)      Jive Circle

Jive Software, Inc., an expert in communication and collaboration solutions for businesses, released this product last month.  Jive Circle is a mobile app that serves as an advanced employee directory, which makes it convenient for employees to securely search for and connect with other employees in their organization.  According to the press release on the Jive Software website, the product “puts a face to the name of every employee and provides on-the-go access to quickly get in touch.”

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