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Being successful requires hard work, dedication, and the desire to succeed. It’s not something that happens overnight. Making the most out of your mornings can dramatically improve your lifestyle, and many successful people are an example of that. Not only do many of these morning routines promote alertness, but they also provide a higher level of productivity. There are multiple positive and effective ways to spend your morning, and they will all help maintain a productive lifestyle. Starting your day positively is the key to a long, successful career. Here are some routines to help get you started—many influential people follow these routines.

1.)    Exercise

The morning is an excellent time to exercise for several reasons. Getting into a routine will help regulate and maintain your body’s sleep schedule. Sleeping regular hours will keep you alert and more productive. Many successful people practice these routines, and for good reason. Also, exercise will help extend your career. Being in optimal health as you get older can have a significant impact on your lifestyle. If you get your exercise done in the morning, it will boost your metabolism and give you the energy you need to get through the day.

2.)    Healthy Breakfast

Sometimes the only thing we have time for is a quick breakfast on the go. But you should always shoot for the healthier option. You should always make time in the morning for breakfast. It will boost your energy, keep you awake, and allow you to focus on being more productive. The important thing is to keep the meal as healthy as possible. Get into the habit of eating breakfast regularly. It’s a great way to boost your metabolism.

3.)    Keep a Schedule

Whether you use a physical calendar or utilize apps / email, having a system for mapping your day is incredibly important. This might not apply to all jobs, especially those that use strict routines. However, if your day is hectic, you should start writing things down. If get busy it’s easy to forget about tasks, but having a calendar prevents this from happening. Each morning take a look over your daily schedule. It will help you prioritize your work tasks and allow you to get things done faster and more efficiently. If you can prove your ability to successful juggle multiple tasks, it will help you land that next promotion.

4.) Begin With the End In Mind

Every time you start a task you should think about the result. Understand the overall goal of every project you are working on. It doesn’t have to be related to work—also consider your personal goals. Successful people can think long term because it makes them better at managing processes. Use the morning as a time to reflect. Evaluate where you are now and think about where you want to be.

5.)    Hydrate

Getting enough water is a step that is overlooked by millions of Americans. Before you do anything else, you should drink a glass of water. Caffeine is also a natural diuretic, so if you plan on having a cup, get some water in your system to counteract these effects. If you add exercise into the equation, water becomes exponentially more important. Studies have been done that show a glass of water in the morning can have significant health benefits. It helps boost your metabolism and purifies your system.

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