Jobseekers Should Avoid Wasting Time, Now!

Wasted time during job searchWhile searching for jobs, it’s quite easy to waste your valuable time. If you want to find a job of your interest quickly, you should be able to focus on the right things. You should be aware of the biggest time-wasters which might kill your time. If you are a jobseeker, you should evaluate the way you are conducting your job search. So, are you ready?

According to a recent study, more than 70% of all jobseekers are unable to concentrate on their efforts, only because they are wasting their valuable time in one way or another.

Focusing your effort and finding the job you deserve:

There’s little doubt that social media has got to play a vital role in helping jobseekers find jobs. Therefore, most of the jobseekers spend hours using one social networking site or another. Though it’s a good idea to use social media platforms to build connections, you should be able to use it effectively. Most importantly, you need to connect with the right people, those who belong to your area of work or industry. You should network with entrepreneurs, employers, CEOs and recruiters. You should also participate at industry-related social media communities and groups.

But are you doing it all?

If you are not careful, social media can eat up plenty of your valuable time. While looking for jobs, you should focus on spending your time on social media in the right way. Rather than getting tempted to enter into long chats with your friends, relatives and acquaintances, you should first make a list of professional contacts where help can come from. And then you should start networking with them by sending emails and trying to meet them in person.

You could also waste a lot of your time if you are using the same generic resume over and over again. If you see little or no response even after sending your resume to potential employers, you should take a closer look at the way your resume has been written. Rather than using a generic resume, you should create targeted resumes for specific job positions and companies.

A lot of jobseekers also think that there’s a perfect job for them. So, they sit and keep waiting for that perfect job to come their way. Remember that there’s nothing like a perfect job. Depending on your key strengths, you may be qualified to take up a number of different job positions. Look at your qualifications, talents, and skills carefully and think about related careers or job opportunities where you’ll be to achieve professional success.

Consider Entry Level Work:

If you want to get started with your career quickly, you should also consider taking up entry level job positions. In every industry, employers have entry level employment requirements. These job positions are not only easy to occupy, but they are also excellent opportunities to prove your worth and learn about a specific area of work. Moreover, entry level job positions may also turn into full-time permanent positions if you know how to do it.

In order to save yourself valuable time, you should also not depend on just one or two sources of job search. There are several job search tools and tactics. You should find out about them and use several of those techniques or tools to expedite the job search process and get hired in time.

It’s about time you analyzed your job search strategy so that you are fully aware of how you are actually spending your time. By identifying the time-wasters, you’ll be able to focus your efforts in the right direction and get the most out of it in the least possible time.

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