Jobseekers: Everyone is Selling, and So are You!

Learning your sales environmentDo you think only those who sell things are the ones who hold the title of salesperson? If you don’t know, we live in a world of sellers. Almost in every sphere of life, you’ll find yourself surrounded with salespersons.

Everyone is selling something –

  • Someone is selling a product or service.
  • Someone is selling an idea.
  • Someone is selling an opportunity.
  • Someone is selling an experience.

And let me tell you – you, as a jobseeker, are selling as well. Don’t get surprised. Since you have a set of skills or talents that an employer will find useful, you’re trying to sell yourself so you can get a job. Not just you, even the hiring manager or the interviewer is selling their company too. So, as you can see, everyone is selling one thing or another.

The point that I’m trying to make is that, if you are selling your skills to an employer to get a job, you should also prepare yourself to be a better salesperson so you could sell quickly and effectively.

Learning your sales environment:

Just like a professional salesperson, you should first know about your target audience, i.e. the potential employer who suits your requirements the best. One of the biggest reasons most of the jobseekers fail to make a hit is that they don’t know which employer or company is right for them. If you don’t know who your target employers are, you’ll only waste your time pursuing the wrong companies while inviting rejection and frustration. Before you apply for a job, therefore, identify whether an employer you want to work with is the right choice and whether they’ll offer you the right environment for career growth.

The next important step is to know the product really well, so you can convince customers or the target audience quickly. While looking for jobs, it’s YOU that’s the product. So, it’s important to know about yourself as much as you can. Though you may argue that knowing about yourself is not required, and you’re already aware of yourself naturally, you actually aren’t. Are you really aware of every strength that you may carry? Do you know those areas where you prove your worth and excel quickly? Do you know about those skills or talents that come to you naturally? Are you aware of all your weaknesses?

Yes, you need to become ‘self-aware’.

Once you’re aware of the type of employer that’s just right for your specific needs and are fully aware of your skills, strengths, aptitudes and weaknesses, it’s time to create an engaging story. Come up with a story with which you could show your value, prove your worth as a problem solver, impress the employer or the hiring manager and grab the job offer.

Take a closer look at all your past job experiences, accomplishments, awards and accolades that you may have received. Collect all the necessary figures or data that will add life to your story. With all these ingredients, you’ll be able to weave a story that relates to your skills and engages the audience (the employer). Also, Practice the story-telling part to become more confident.

Before you go to the next interview, you should really make sure that you’re ready as a salesperson to convince the employer about your key skills. If your job search is taking too much time, it means you need to improve your sales skills more. Unless and until you’re a better salesperson, you won’t be able to win over hiring managers or employers.

Are you looking for a job too? Do you think you’re a better salesperson when it comes to succeeding at an interview and winning over hiring managers or employers? Please comment.

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