Importance of Internet Security Professionals

internet security professionals

Nowadays most information is stored electronically. This means bank accounts, credit card information, and even past transactions from retail stores. Some companies have massive pools of important data, and can’t let it fall into the wrong hands. If solid security measures are not enacted, then this information is vulnerable to hackers. Events like Heartbleed and the recent hack of Apple Pay have shown us just how important high quality internet security can be. For every capable hacker a capable internet security professional is needed to enact systems to protect information. If you have every thought about joining the cybersecurity industry, then read along. These attacks are becoming more malicious and more sophisticated, and as a result the job is constantly evolving. Methods that worked in the past might not be applicable in the future. Strong internet security can be incredibly beneficial to companies that store large databases of confidential information.

Qualifications needed

The first and most important step to landing a job in network and internet security is a college degree. Universities around the country offer four year programs in network security, so this is an excellent place to start. Many of these professionals have a heavy interest in the business and learn a lot of the work on their own, but a college degree is a requirement. ­­­­You could pursue a standard computer science program, but a network security degree will pay big dividends if this is the industry you want to find yourself in.

Importance of Internet Security

No matter how careful consumers are with protecting their information, there is always the risk of it falling into the wrong hands when it is stored on a database. Internet security starts at the user-level. You should always keep your personal computer secure. Keep up to date on current industry trends to ensure that you are operating in a safe environment. Hackers have a knack for stealing information, and if you aren’t protected it can happen very easily. There are programs that will monitor keystrokes and track information, which can lead to a breach of bank account or even credit card information. At the retail or government level, the importance of internet security skyrockets. If a large enough chunk of information falls into the hands of hackers, it could mean big losses for consumers and retailers alike. Network security professionals can be responsible for preventing millions of dollars worth of damage.

Internet Security in Pop Culture

Internet hacking is quickly finding its way into pop-culture. Recently events like Heartbleed, the celebrity mobile hacking, and Snapchat hack have risen public awareness. You need to be careful with your information and take steps to prevent it from being hacked. Network security professionals prevent this from happening in two major ways. First, they prevent data from being destroyed. To deter hackers from destroying large databases, information is always properly backed up. Second, they prevent data from being manipulated. Hackers tend to be arrogant, and will usually leave some sort of sign that they completed their job. They can change data values and steal or manipulate financial data. It is the responsibility of a network security engineer to prevent this from happening.

Average Salary

Successful network security professionals with a proven track record can expect to make somewhere near the average of $83,000 per year. As always, working at a larger company with more data will increase this salary. Many of these workers have to potential to earn six-figures. It’s an important job that will continue to grow as hackers become more sophisticated. Learning the trade and pursuing an education in network security is always a good idea, because the jobs will be plentiful and the demand for skilled workers will only increase over time.

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