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Many Americans have really felt the weight of unemployment, and if you fall under this category it’s time to make a change. It’s possible that you’ve been going about your job hunt in all the wrong ways. Ditch the bad habits and start fresh—you’ll be back to work in no time. Here are some tips to get you started.

Tips for Jobseekers


Networking is one of the most important aspects of job hunting whether or not you want to admit it. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Using the excuse that you are “old fashioned” and not creating the various profiles will simply disqualify you from a multitude of positions. Human resources departments around the country use social networking tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to locate and research new employees. If you have a solid profile and good connections, it will help you gain exposure and momentum in your job hunt. Do yourself a favor. Put recent and professional photos onto your social media profiles, and create a LinkedIn if you haven’t already done so. Pretty soon the jobs will start coming to you. We’re past the days of a paper resume and cover letter being entirely sufficient. Sure there are exceptions, but if you want to get back to work you need to think digital. If you are unsure how to set it up, ask a friend or family member! Someone in your network can help you. Once it is set up, start building connections. Ask old managers for recommendations, and build your personal network.

Employment Agencies

Employment agencies do take a percentage of your salary, but they can put you to work. Recruiters have access to a variety of listings that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you. If you’ve been unsuccessful in your job hunt, this is an excellent option to consider. Many of these jobs are “temp to hire” meaning that you work for a predetermined period of time before being hired full time. It gives management a chance to see if you are a good fit for the role. Many people have landed promising careers using this method, and it could happen to you as well if you play your cards right.

Optimize Your Profile

We’ve talked about keyword optimization of resumes in the past, and it’s still a great strategy when job hunting. When an employer posts a competitive listing online, it’s likely that hundreds of candidates will apply for the same job. As a result, they typically utilizes various software programs in order to sort through the resume pile. Do yourself a favor. Customize your resume for each individual job listing. This will guarantee that your resume moves to the top of the pile, and will significantly increase your chances of landing and interview. Speaking of interviews…

Interview Tips

Many job seekers make it all the way to the interview but blow their chances with seemingly minor details. The number one tip for an interview is proper appearance. It’s a no-brainer, but many interviewees ignore this step. It might seem shallow, but appearance is a huge factor in whether or not you’ll receive a job offer. Maybe the job requires you to function in a client-facing role. It’s often a matter of whether or not you can fit with the company culture and appearance plays a big role in that. Another good strategy is to familiarize yourself with the most common interview questions, and think about an appropriate response for each. This involves researching the company and the actual job listing. Being prepared can make a huge difference.

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