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Everyone has their own set of hobbies that fill up the greater portion of available free time. Typically hobbies involve learning some sort of skill, which is why they can be turned into a career after gaining the necessary experience. If you truly love what you are doing, then you should make it official and take your talents to the workplace. There might be potential to earn some good money depending on what you do and your level of expertise. It all depends on the circumstances and how hard you are willing to work to make ends meet.

Hobbies that Turn Into Careers:

1.)    Sports Careers

When athletes start at a young age, they learn things about the game that can only be taught with on-the-job experience. The more you play the better you get and the more you learn. This high specialization makes former athletes excellent candidates for several positions in sports. There are plenty of choices. For workers interested in the health side, careers as a physical therapist or athletic trainer are excellent choices. If you think you’ve mastered the game and want to teach what you know to others, then consider trying a role as a coach or assistant coach. Most coaches work on a volunteer basis, but if you stick with it it’s possible you’ll end up finding a paid role. Expand your search to high school or collegiate opportunities, because they pay well and provide endless opportunity for advancement. Good coaches are always in high demand.

2.)    Video Games

Nowadays video games are a popular source of entertainment for younger generations. Millennials grew up with video games so they are naturally a good fit for the current 18-30 demographic. But did you know that video games can be more than a hobby? It’s unlikely that anyone would land a job as a professional video game player, but there are still other realistic career options. If you enjoy art, there are roles for game designers and animators. More into the technical and development side? Consider a career in software development or programming. Just really enjoy owning noobs? Apply as a game tester. You’ll get to play all the games you love and get paid to do it. Or, consider starting a live game stream and focus on gathering as many followers as possible. You’ll generate some ad revenue in the process. Video games might seem like a waste of time to some, but to others it’s a great way to keep the bills paid.

3.)    Photography

Photography is an excellent hobby, although purchasing the latest and greatest technology can get very pricey. However, for those who are well-rooted in the industry these expenses are just part of the game. There are tens of millions of amateur photographers out there, but many of them do not realize the abundance of job opportunities for quality photography. You might work somewhere full-time such as a wedding photography company or as a part-time freelance photographer for a network of blogging websites or a media publication. The choice is yours, but the opportunities are definitely out there.

4.)    Driver

For those who consider driving a hobby, there are many careers out there. Uber and Lyft are two new services that are rapidly hiring to deal with increased demand. These drivers actually make a good amount of money ($20/hr) but the fact that you need to use your own car to transport potentially intoxicated passengers isn’t the greatest feeling. But, there are plenty of other jobs for drivers, too. Consider looking at a bus or trucking role, or perhaps a driving instructor or limousine driver. It’s not the highest paid role, but the demand for quality is always high, especially in the trucking & freight transport industry. If you truly enjoy driving as a hobby, there will be plenty of roles available.


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