Four Characteristics for Quality Interviews

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The interview process can be nerve racking, but following a few simple steps can boost your success rate and help you land that next position. Every interview is different, from the questions that are asked to the amount of managers conducting the interviews. Some higher-level positions use a multi-step interview and subject candidates to meetings with several individuals. It all depends on the company. Whatever situation you find yourself in, think back to these four characteristics, and do your best to adhere to them. They will net you positive results, and make life easier during the interview process.

1.)  Confidence

This is the most important step in any interview, because you not only feel better about yourself, but you also project a personality that any hiring manager would love to bring on board. It all starts with first impressions. Utilize a firm handshake and always make direct eye contact. Focus on projecting a genuine smile and good body language. Before you even step foot into the interview room, make sure you are wearing your best outfit and looking good. It’s always better to overdress than to underdress. Looking the part and projecting a confident attitude will show favorably to the human resources department. It might seem like a small step, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. First impressions are half of the game.

2.)  Preparation

Every interview is different, but a lot of times they will ask similar questions and follow a certain procedure. Take advantage of this predictability and start preparing early. Learn as much as you can about the company before the interview, and practice some common interview questions. Some of the most popular include, “What did you dislike about your last job,” “What are your main weaknesses,” and “Why do you want to work here.” You’d be surprised at how often human resources will ask these questions, and even more surprised at how many candidates botch these answers from lack of preparation. If you prepare before the interview these questions will be a piece of cake. Knowing more about the company will always net positive results, and will make interview communication that much easier.

3.)  Enthusiasm

There are many different ways to project enthusiasm. During an interview, you should focus on doing it through your knowledge of the job and the company you will be working for. This goes hand and hand with preparation. Show human resources how genuinely excited you are about the position, and prove to them that it’s not just a job to you. Align yourself with company culture. Enthusiastic workers are sought after job candidates. However, make sure you don’t force it. Being overly enthusiastic can look superficial and fake—as if you are exaggerating just to land the position.

4.)  Versatility

After reading through the job description and day to day responsibilities, you should always try to go above and beyond and tell human resources other areas that you might be able to contribute in. Companies like having employees that can fill multiple roles. You’ll still get paid the same, but you’ll become that much more valuable to whichever organization you decide to work for. Just be careful. You want to show the hiring manager(s) that you have all the necessary skills to carry out the job that you are currently interviewing for before telling them about anything else. Focus on improving your work acumen later in the interview.

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