Finding Success In Customer Service

customer service agentsSo you’ve just landed an occupation in customer service. Whether you are working in retail, a call center, or for a company’s customer service department, developing the necessary skills to deal with people and keep them happy is incredibly important. In fact, if you can keep your cool and consistently deliver premier customer service, you can surely expect a promotion coming your way in the near future.

Where Do Customer Service Agents Work?

The majority of customer service positions are either in retail or as part of a company’s customer service division. In retail you typically deal with customers in person, and if you work for a customer service department at a large corporation you typically deal with clients over the phone. Some would consider dealing with people over the phone easier, but others enjoy human interaction and wouldn’t want to change their career.

Retail Customer Service

When you work in retail, as long as you find yourself on the main sales floor, you are considered a customer service agent. So, you’d better start getting along with customers and helping them find what they need, because if you want a promotion, you need to be able to make your clients happy. But sometimes customers are simply rude, abrasive, and downright mean. A high percentage of Americans have started their careers in retail, and have learned to deal with these types of situations. You need to live by the motto, “the customer is always right.” If someone is raising their voice, or simply acting like a jerk, just keep your cool. Try to diffuse the situation and find out exactly what it is they need—some people think that the louder they yell the more likely it is they will find what they are looking for. Sometimes you will not be capable of making them happy, but by keeping a positive attitude and being as helpful as possible, you keep management happy. You should always try to keep yourself in line for a promotion. It furthers your career and can set you up to do something you love. If you can’t deal with angry customers, then maybe a job in retail customer service isn’t for you.

Customer Service Phone Agent

Even if you have not had an occupation in this line of work, you have probably dealt with customer service over the phone. Whether it’s related to an issue you are having with cable/cell phone plan, or you have questions about something you recently purchased, we have all had our run-ins with customer service. These agents work tirelessly throughout the day dealing with customer complaints, orders, and requests, and the job can get pretty stressful. They have to deal with angry customers all day, because usually the people calling customer service lines are dissatisfied with a product of service they recently received. But as a customer service phone agent, you need to realize that your day will be full of angry clients. It’s part of the job, and if you are good at it, you can put yourself in line for a promotion down the road. Just keep your head up, shake off the stress, and grind each and every day. You will surely get the promotion that you have been hoping for.

Nowadays jobs in customer service are plentiful, but it’s not for everyone. You could either work in retail or as a phone agent. There are other positions in customer service as well, but they are all very similar. You need to be good with people, amiable, social, and able to handle angry customers. Try to figure out how to calm them down. There is a huge difference between being a customer service agent, and being a good customer service agent. Just learn how to deal with angry people and pretty soon a promotion will be coming your way. If not, maybe it’s time to find a new career in a different industry. There are plenty of jobs out there for everyone. Finding the right career is your responsibility and can set the tone for a long, happy life. 

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