Dealing With Frustration at Work

dealing with work frustrationSometimes your day feels like it just keeps dragging along. You keep getting more and more requests, your coworkers are bothering and pestering you and the stress of the workday is finally starting to take its toll. You just want to let out a loud scream and walk out the door, but you have bills to pay and goals that need to be accomplished, so you need your job. If you start to get frustrated, you need to take a step back, and realize what’s important. Don’t be that person who lets their frustration erode the relationships that you have worked so hard to preserve.

Don’t let your emotions control your career

Everyone has bad days, but you can’t let them get to you. Maybe you’ve had a coworker tell you something you fundamentally disagree with, or your boss yelled at you for a mistake that you made. Whatever the case may be, just realize how lucky you are to have your job, and no matter how frustrated you find yourself at the end of the day, just let it roll over your head. Take it day by day—one step at a time. You never want to burn bridges in whichever career you are pursing. If you plan on staying in the same or a similar industry, there is a good chance that you will run into these contacts at a later date. By keeping calm and dealing with criticism in a productive way, you’ll avoid these problems later in your career. If you happen to run into the same manager down the road, you’ve officially made things that much worse for yourself. So just hang in there!

If the stress and anger gets to a point where you think you might blow up, separate yourself from the workplace. Get away from your desk, sales floor, counter, or wherever you might work. Take a deep breath and relax. Go for a walk on your break to clear your head. Do whatever it takes to remain calm.

Consequences of losing your temper

If you let emotions get in the way and you consistently lose your cool in front of your managers and coworkers, your reputation will continue to worsen. Remember that promotion you wanted? Your chance of getting it is quickly evaporating. Workplace debates and criticism are commonplace and happen every day. If employees aren’t notified about what they did wrong, they’ll never have the opportunity to correct the issues. Some managers handle this process abrasively; but it’s just their personality and management style. By instilling fear into their workers, they feel that productivity will increase. We aren’t debating whether or not this is the best management style, because in reality it probably isn’t. The best management styles involve a combination of being strict and friendly. However, if you find yourself working under a mean manager or rude coworkers, just keep your words to yourself. It’s not the time to voice strong opinions that might put your career in jeopardy. If you do, you risk losing everything you have worked so hard to achieve. Not only that, but you also take yourself out of the running for future promotions, because nobody wants an emotional hothead being made into management material.

Always remember that your career comes first. You need to support yourself, and if you have a family you need to support them as well. Everybody has bad days. If your emotions are running wild and you are losing control of your temper, just take a step back and try to relax. Separate yourself from your work, and try to get out of the office for a while. You’ll be happy when the next promotion rolls around and you’ve put yourself in line to start making more money and taking on more responsibility. 

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