Call Center Representative Jobs: Opportunities Abound

call center representative jobsCall center representative jobs have seen steady growth in the past couple of years, and 2016 is no exception.  In 2014, these jobs were predicted to grow 10% over the next 10 years by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, making it one of the fastest growing occupations.  The number of call center representative job openings expected over this 10 year period was 252,900 as of 2014, but that number is likely to increase.  A recent press release from customer experience job coalition Jobs4america stated that the net number of call center representative jobs created in 2015 was 58,578.  This is an 18% increase from the 49,569 jobs created for customer service representatives in 2014.

Why are call center representative jobs in such high demand these days?   Below are several factors driving this trend of job creation:

1)  The recent boom in consumer spending

This means businesses are taking on more customers, and more call center representatives are needed to assist these customers.

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2)  The increasing creation and use of technology products

These products include smartphones, tablets and Bluetooths, and more customers need support to help them set up, troubleshoot and repair these items.  As a result, companies need more tech-savvy call center representatives to be at their service.

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3)  The expansion of social media for consumers

This makes the quality of a company’s customer experience much more critical to the success of the company since consumer complaints (as well as praises) are a lot more noticeable, and can make a much bigger impact, on channels such as Twitter, Facebook and online forums.

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4)  Less jobs being outsourced

More companies are keeping their call center representative jobs in the United States instead of outsourcing them to countries like India and the Philippines.   This is due to the rising overseas costs, as well as more options available in the U.S. to drive down costs, such as having call center representatives work remotely.

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Multi-channel customer service has risen in popularity over recent years, and as a result many customer service representatives must adapt to the new landscape, by expanding their technology and writing skills.   But regardless of what channel customer service is being delivered through, there are still many skills required for call center representative jobs that have not changed.  As always, a successful customer service representative must possess patience, a friendly demeanor, problem-solving skills, the ability to stay calm in a fast-paced environment, and a knack for multi-tasking.

The average yearly salary for customer service representative jobs is about $33,000, and the average hourly pay rate is $15.  Customer service is needed at all times of the day, so these jobs are an excellent choice for someone that needs a flexible work schedule.  Some choose to make their call center representative job a career.  But many of these jobs allow you to get your foot in the door to the professional world and develop skills that lead to advancement.

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