Best Part Time Jobs for Big Side Income

side jobsThe median household income in the United States is about $52,000 per year. But, for some families this isn’t enough. There are bills to pay and other expenses which consume the majority of the monthly budget. However, there is another option for those who don’t mind working extended hours. Land a part time job! But, consider the following options, because you’ll make a lot more money and life will get a lot easier for everyone around you.

High Paying Part Time Jobs


There is no specific requirement for becoming a tutor, but it usually involves a good academic record and a collegiate background. Parents are always willing to give their children an edge, and tutoring is no exception. But education is a great investment, so it’s money well spent. Quality tutors can charge a hefty sum for their services, sometimes $50+ per hour session. A more realistic and affordable rate is $30/hr. To find work, tutors have two main options—starting their own service, or working through a tutoring company. It’s usually better to start your own service because you make more money, but starting out with a tutoring service will help gain the necessary experience. You need experience and references to make your clients feel more comfortable about hiring you.


Websites always have a need for fresh, quality content. It not only helps engage users, but also helps with website search engine rankings. But solid and effective content writers can be hard to come by. The freelance market is saturated with low-quality writers who claim to get the job done cheaper, but the quality suffers. As a result, high quality and well-respected bloggers can charge a heavy premium for their services. For low quality, 500 word content pieces, the going rate is $5-$10. For the heavy hitters, it’s more like $20-$40 per piece. At 5-10 articles per week, it can significantly boost your weekly paycheck.


Not every bartending job pays well. But for those that do, the money comes fast. Popular establishments hire bartenders regularly, and if you have some experience, it’s a great way to earn some extra money. Bartending is great for several reasons, but the major benefit is the hourly wage + tips. No matter what happens during your shift, you still walk out of the door every night with a paycheck. The tips you earn are an added benefit, but they can really add up after a busy shift. If you don’t have bartending experience, consider taking a certified class to learn the basics. If you have a good personality and interview well, you’ll be able to find a bartender gig no problem. But there are exceptions. If you are having trouble finding work, start applying for jobs other than bartender, like server, host/hostess, or bar back. If you make it clear to management that your intention is to move into a bartending role, you’ll be more likely to succeed.


For states with snowy winters, golf caddying is a seasonal job which starts late in the spring and ends mid-fall. For a part-time job, it’s one of the highest paying options. Caddies with experience and a good reputation can easy earn $100+ per bag per round. Carrying two bags for two rounds can equal $400+. In one day! When you start out, the earning potential is a lot less, but it’s still significant. The minimum you can earn in four hours of work is usually $50-$75. Not bad for a job in the service industry. Just make sure you are caddying for golfers with a reputation of being generous, and tell them to ask for you next time!

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