Best Jobs for the Physically Fit

jobs for the physically fit

Being healthy can be an excellent way to extend your career and feel good while doing it. Some people have taken their love for athletics and physical fitness to the workplace, and as a result an abundance of jobs have been created.  Whether you are dealing directly with clients or promoting health and personal fitness awareness from a distance, being physically fit can really help your career. So, if you are a health nut and would like to make a career out of it then read on and find out more! There is plenty of money to be made.

Best Jobs for the Physically Fit

1.)    Personal Trainer

Personal trainers can either work for a gym or hone their trade as a self-employed worker. Owning your own business can be highly rewarding and you will make a lot more money than you would working at a gym. However, if you want experience and a steady paycheck, then working at a gym is the way to go. Personal trainers need to keep an excellent physical appearance because their job depends on it. There is nothing worse than taking lessons from an out of shape personal trainer. If you are serious about your trade, then staying lean should be no problem. The average salary for personal trainers is $54,000 per year, and this number can increase significantly if you own your own service. It can be a great way to make money and stay healthy at the same time.

2.)    Landscapers / Gardeners

Landscaping is hard work. You’ll be waking up early and finishing your days later than most. However, it can pay good money, especially for those who need to find a job quickly. In the northern states, landscaping is usually only a summer gig unless you can get involved in snow shoveling and other general winter maintenance. Often times the jobs evolve into something else, so be ready to expand your skill set and bend to meet the client’s needs. Being a landscaper won’t require previous experience. All you need is a solid work ethic and a willingness to learn. The average salary for landscapers is $24,000, which isn’t a ton, but this is factoring in part time and seasonal positions, which are abundant in this industry.

3.)    Coaches

Being physically fit is not a requirement for coaching, but being able to participate at a high level will help your team excel. Many coaches are ex-players who simply enjoy being part of the game they love. In order to move up the ranks and start making a serious income, many sacrifices will need to be made. You aren’t just handed opportunities in coaching. You need to develop each and every player and make them better. We won’t even put an average salary for coaching, because the earning potential is so high. If you attend college, consider coming on as a coaching assistant as you progress towards becoming a full-blown coach. It’s not going to be easy, but your career can take off if you start meeting the right people. Let your results speak for themselves and focus on developing talent from the ground up. People will start to notice.

4.)    Military

Being in the military is the peak of jobs that require physical fitness. It’s a requirement, and they will work you into the ground if you aren’t strong enough. The military is an excellent career option, and it opens to doors to new possibilities if you decide to come off duty after your mandatory time served. Being in the military is not for the faint of heart, and many soldiers have lost their lives defending our freedom. But putting your life on the line for your country is the most honorable thing you can do. If you are seriously athletic, there are special units such as the Navy Seals that may accept you based on physical merit. The starting pay is low, at around $17,000 per year, but all of your expenses will be paid for while you are on duty. You can save most of your money and continue to move through the ranks. The further up you go, the more money you will make. If you stick around for 20 years, you will also receive an excellent pension.

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