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Have you been working in the same role for a long time? Have coworkers been passing you by and taking on new and exciting positions while you work in the same old role? This is an unfortunate reality for many American workers, but there are ways to influence management and move into bigger and better position. Take a look at the following tips!

Landing the Next Promotion

Know Your Value

Every worker brings a certain degree of value to a company. This is how salaries and wages are determined. If you think you deserve a promotion, it means that you personally believe that you are being undervalued. Voice these concerns to your immediate managers. Show them what you bring to the table, and make them confident that you are the right choice for the next promotion. It doesn’t matter what type of job you have—this step is the same everywhere. If your managers believe you are a valuable asset, a promotion will follow.

Timing is Everything

If you ask for a promotion at the wrong time it’s likely the answer will be no. There will never be a perfect time to ask for a promotion, but certain times are definitely better than others. Do yourself a favor. Wait until the company is doing well. If you ask during a downturn or companywide crisis, you won’t get the answer you are hoping for. You need to strike during periods of growth, or even during periods when employees are leaving the company. This will optimize your chances of landing the promotion.

Research the Numbers

Usually a promotion comes with a salary increase, and you need to be aware what similar workers are making. Websites like and are good places to start, but you might need to go deeper depending on what your job description is. Some jobs are very specific to an industry and salary info is hard to come by. Whatever the case may be, the point is to come prepared. A promotion will usually lead to salary negotiations so make sure you are ready to make a deal.

Know Your Career Trajectory

If you happen to land a promotion, it’s likely that another promotion will follow within the next few years. It all depends on the size and overall growth of your company. If management is confident in your ability good things will start to happen. Pick your manager’s brain for more information. If you don’t meet the qualifications for the promotion you really want, then do everything in your power to get them. If this means going back to school for more educational background, then take the plunge! Nothing in life comes easy, and career advancement is no exception to this rule. Beef up your qualifications and make moves.

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