All You Need to Do is Prove You’re a Good Fit!

Prove you're a good fitSo, 2014 is now upon us. For a jobseeker, the new year is full of challenges again and it requires a good deal of preparation. This should come to you as good news that there are lots of job positions in different industries waiting to be fulfilled. Employers are hungrily looking for the right candidates. And you know, the biggest problem with most of the applicants is that they’re unable to prove that they’re a good fit for potential employers.

Do you know how to prove you’re a good fit?

If you don’t, you’ll easily miss out on excellent job opportunities, no matter what industry you belong to. According to a recent survey, many employers can’t fill the open positions because they are looking for applicants who could solve their problems or challenges.

Here are 3 simple steps that you should follow to prove you’re a good fit for a potential employer’s needs.

#1. Identify Job Relevant Skills

If you know the job you want, you’re also aware of the skills employers will be looking for to hire you for that job. What are those skills? Do these skills come to you naturally? Are those skills actually your strong points? In fact, you should make a list of all the core skills that will attract the potential employer’s attention quickly. Unless you’re fully aware of what the employer wants and what you have in relevant to the job requirement, you’ll be very less likely to stand out or beat out the competition.

#2. List Past Achievements

Once you’re aware of your most important skills, it’s time to find out those achievements that you made due to having those skills. Otherwise, your strengths or skills have no meaning. Take a look back. Analyze your past jobs and work experiences and list all those accomplishments you have made or the targets you’ve achieved. These successes should be relevant to the skills that you need to land a new advertised job position.

#3. Show the Link

Now, you have two key things – skills and successes. I mean you’re fully aware of these two things in regard to the job you’re currently looking for. Finally, it’s time to face the employer or the hiring manager, right? But the real challenge is to know how you’ll show the link between your skills, successes and the specific needs of the employer. You should be able to present your skills and achievements in a way that proves you’re the guy you could solve the employer’s problems. You should be able to project yourself as the solution.

Therefore, you need to come up with a compelling story. And the story should be so engaging that it convinces the employer about your abilities and the benefits you would bring to their company or organization. With adequate research and planning, you’ll be able to adapt this solid approach in order to win over employers and land the job of your dreams quickly.

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