7 Tweeting Tips for Jobseekers

Tweeting TipsAn extremely popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter appeared on the social media scene in the March of 2006. Since then, it’s been used for so many things. People use Twitter to connect with their friends, co-workers and colleagues. They use it for promoting products or services. They use it for creating brand awareness. Twitter is also a fantastic customer service tool.

Above all, Twitter is also a powerful tool to speed up your job search. If you are a jobseeker, you can use this social networking platform in a number of ways to find a new job of your interest. However, you should follow some important guidelines while using Twitter for job search to achieve quick results.

Here are seven tweeting tips for you to follow –

#1. Showcase Your Skills

Twitter is an excellent platform for professional to showcase their expertise. As a jobseeker, you should always focus on demonstrating your key strengths, skills and talents. There are different ways to do it. With a little use of creativity, you can avoid being overly promotional and attract the attention of potential hiring managers, CEOs and employers.

#2. Ensure Your Tweets are Free from Language Errors

Most of the people don’t care too much when it comes to typing 160 characters of a tweet. You have joined Twitter to enhance your professional image and expedite your job search. Therefore, it’s important to recheck each of your tweets before you post it to your Twitter profile. Tweets with spelling or grammatical errors will leave a bad impression on hiring managers.

So, be careful!

#3. Offer Assistance

While using Twitter, you’ll come across many people looking for help with different things. If you are really smart, you can use such opportunities to demonstrate your skills as well as build a credible image for yourself. Therefore, don’t hesitate from helping people.

#4. Ask Questions

As you continue to expand your professional network via Twitter, you should also feel free to ask questions. You can ask an industry expert for their feedback on a job or career related issue. You can also ask questions from potential employers regarding hiring or interviews. However, you need to make sure your questions also showcase your intelligence.

#5. Retweet Others

Twitter is not just for posting your own links or updates. Even if you are using Twitter for your job search, you can find many things from your connections to share with others. If somebody shares a tweet that’s really valuable, you should be generous enough to retweet them.

#6. Stay Away from Controversies

If you are using your Twitter account as a professional, you should avoid talking about sensitive issues like politics, sex, or religion. Even if someone else in your network presents their view on a controversial topic, you should stop yourself from reacting or sharing your opinion. You are on Twitter to attract employers and find a job. So, keep your image neat and clean.

#7. Don’t Spam

Like any other social media website, Twitter too has its own set of terms, rules and regulations. If you violate the guidelines in any way, you can easily get blocked or reported by someone else as spammer. Moreover, spamming is a surefire way of tarnishing your online reputation as well. Therefore, make sure you abide by the key tweeting etiquette.

Are you using Twitter to improve your job search? Let me know about your experience by leaving a comment here.

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