7 Tips to Show Interviewers You’re Confident

how to have confidence in yourselfInterviews make most of us feel nervous. So much so, that many of us even want to skip interviews altogether. But if you’re really serious about getting a job that satisfies, you’ll always need to clear interviews no matter how frightening they may seem. A while back, I wrote a blog post titled “Bye Bye Interview Fear”. This time, I want to dedicate one more post to this topic to help you demonstrate confidence as an interviewee.

Are you ready to follow my advice?

Showing confidence during an interview is crucial because it carries a lot more importance than the skills you have. Employers always like to hire those candidates that aren’t only talented but also are confident enough.

Why? It’s because no matter how skilled or talented you are, you’ll only be able to hit targets when you have full confidence in your abilities. That’s the reason why employers appreciate confidence and look for such candidates. Nothing can be done unless you have confidence in yourself. Lack of confidence will only lead you to defeats and embarrassments.

Here are seven tips to impress employers with your confidence and ace job interviews quickly –

#1.Give a Warm Smile

Smiles have the power to win, in every sphere of life. Even when you enter the interview room, you should welcome the interviewer with a warm smile rather than waiting for them to do it to you. A warm smile shows that you’re oozing with positive thoughts regardless of what the end result will be. Also, a warm smile across your face makes you look friendly, and makes you feel relaxed as well.

#2.Extend Your Hand for a Firm Handshake

The next moment, it’s time for you to shake hands with the interviewer. Many applicants would wait for the interviewer to extend their hands first. Don’t make this mistake. Remember to extend your hand first, and make sure you give them a firm handshake which doesn’t only show your confidence but it also says you’re interested.

#3. Sit Appropriately

The way you sit in the chair before the interview also tells a lot about how you’re feeling inside. Avoid tapping your hands or feet as these are signs of being frightened or nervous. Always sit upright with your hands placed on the arms of the chair or placed comfortably in your lap. Even when you’re sitting in an upright posture, remember to lean forward a little.

#4.Talk with Ease

When people are frightened or nervous, they’ll either speak too fast or too little. But when you’re relaxed, you’ll talk with complete ease making every word count. Conviction while you’re speaking is very important to demonstrate confidence. Try to speak at the same pace as you do in your daily life. Raising your voice or not speaking in your normal voice will only lead you into trouble.

#5.Don’t Lose Eye Contact

One of the most important tips to follow is maintaining eye contact with the interviewer as you speak or listen. Interviewers are trained enough to evaluate your personality by the way your eyes move during the interview. No matter how nervous you may be feeling inside, regular eye contact shows you’re confident. However, don’t overdo it, as it will make you look creepy. Natural breaks once in a while are recommended.

#6.Be Positive

Interviewers ask many questions to find out whether you possess positive thoughts, because it ultimately translates to confidence. Therefore, it’s important to reply to every question carefully. Try to respond to the interviewer’s questions in a positive light.

#7.Ask Intelligent Questions

Most probably, you’ll have your turn to ask the interviewer a few questions related to the job or the company. To prove you’re confident, you should always remember to ask intelligent questions in a sincere way. If you say no when given a chance to ask questions, you’ll only show your lack of confidence while also revealing that you aren’t really interested.

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