5 LinkedIn Tips for Jobseekers

linkedin tipsLinkedIn is the perfect go-to destination for professionals. The social media website has proved to be a powerful tool for jobseekers – both unemployed or employed. In fact, it’s the best social media website where you can go to find jobs of your interests. But like every social network, LinkedIn also has some unique features, some highly useful tools that jobseekers can use to expedite their job search process.

Here are five proven tips that you can use to make the job search process easier for you and get a job before it’s too late.

#1. Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Resume

Though there are so many jobseekers that use LinkedIn for their job search, very few of them have a 100% complete profile. While starting to use LinkedIn, the first thing that you need to do is evaluate the completeness and the quality of your profile. Think of your LinkedIn profile as an online resume. Try to make this online resume as attractive to employers as possible.

An employer looking at your profile should be able to gather information about your most recent work experience easily. Make sure your LinkedIn profile provides up-to-date information on your qualifications, skills, and experience.

#2. Showcase Your Skills via LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups is one of the most useful LinkedIn features, which you can use to showcase your skills, position yourself as a leader in your field of work and attract the attention of potential employers or hiring managers.

There are more millions of LinkedIn groups. Choose to join those groups that suit your skills the best. Participate at discussions where you think you can offer your insights and practical tips and useful recommendations.

#3. Search for Interesting Companies

No matter what industry you belong to, you’ll find lots of potential information about companies of your interest. The company search function provided on LinkedIn allows you to search for different types of small businesses, firms, companies and organizations.

If you are unable to find interesting companies via the general search, you can choose to refine your search. Use filters like location, industry and size to find exactly what you are looking for.

Once you find the companies or organizations you would like to work for, remember to follow them for regular updates.

#4. Share Updates Regularly

Most of the jobseekers that use LinkedIn ignore the significance of the status update feature. If you don’t know, it’s also an excellent tool to attract the attention of potential employers to your profile.

Whether it’s a new skill that you acquired, a new degree that you obtained or your networking activities, you can share it all through the status updates feature. Always keep your profile fresh with updates.

#5. Keep Connecting

While you continue to abide by the above-mentioned guidelines, don’t forget to continuously expand your network. While sending LinkedIn invitations, always connect with the right people.

Always connect with people belong to your own industry. Try to connect with experts, influencers, CEOs and entrepreneurs in your industry. LinkedIn offers you an excellent option of sending messages for free to people who you have connected with and share your same industry experience and/or contacts. This is your opportunity to connect to those in HR.

Don’t wait. LinkedIn is waiting for you with lots of potential employment opportunities. Keep the above-mentioned tips at the top of your mind while using this professional networking website. You’ll soon understand why LinkedIn is considered to be a powerful tool for jobseekers.

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